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Dang - Erin - you are pushing me over the edge - I am going to have to try to do some applique in the New Year! Best of luck with the McCall's Contest - and I agree - whatever happens next, it has been a wonderful experience. All the best!

You have this experience bagged and wrapped with that attitude. Your quilts are fantastic. You will find another red to love just think of all those you didn't 'meet' that now you will introduce yourself to.

Every one of those quilts are gorgeous Erin!

Ohhh, they are gorgious! I don't suppose you think 1 should be on a wall in the Netherlands??? :-)) (Can't blame a girl for trying LOL)

I love all the quilts. Can't say which one is my favorite!

I am drooling. What beautiful Christmas quilts. Or for any time of year.

Wow, your quilts are beautiful, and yes, I get attached to fabric and feel disappointed when I use up the last bit of a favorite.

I just love your quilts - you do such a lovely job on them. I know what you mean about the favourite fabric...sometime that last little bit just sits on my shelf doing nothing because I cant bear for it to be all gone!!

I get attached to fabric too! It's crazy!

Ok. I love all of them , SO when can you we expect to find them on Etsy. You know how much I love all your work. I can't remember how many times I voted for you because I really think that You should be a top winner.
Good luck

That's a gorgeous shade of red! Well, it is on my computer monitor, anyway! Your Sawtooth Star quilt is the prettiest.

All the best on being a winner in this round of the McCall's contest. Do let us know when you advance to the next round!

Your quilts using the red fabric are gorgeous!!! Yes, I feel the same way when they quit making the jeans I love, too. ;-) I'm new to quilting, but KNOW I'll feel that way when a favorite fabric is gone.

All three are really lovely. I can't wait to see number 4!

The quilts are fab! And I know exactly what you mean... putting that last bit of a favorite fabric into a quilt is like saying goodbye - and I feel you on the jean thing too. I learned the hard way to but several pairs if I find a jean I love cuz it ain't gonna be here long!

I know what you're saying - I can feel like I don't want to use the last bit of even a fat quarter when I used it successfully before. The quilts are beautiful - but not just for Christmas! Looking forward to seeing your next McCall's Design Star challenge entry.

I LOVE both of those Feathered Stars!

And no, you are not the only one that gets attached to good jeans. The last time I bought jeans that fit well was 2006! I've been "settling" ever since. Sniff.

p.s. voted for you. More than once. :)

Beautiful quilts!

Such wonderful quilts! That fabric sure is useful. I am sure you will get a perfect replacement. It will jump at you shout: "Here I am, take me home!"

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