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The technology is amazing when you think that I can sit down to eat my lunch in the U.K. and have a quick look to see what Errin has been up to in the U.S. but when it won't work it is so irritating isn't it?

Hope you won't keep us waiting too long for the pr-eassembled flowers! I love your little films they are so helpful!!

Cook schmook - get a smoked turkey. The flavor is incredible and all you have to do is warm it up.

I LOVE the flower block you posted yesterday. I had a little daydream where you hosted a giveaway and I won - then I woke up. Ha!

Enjoy! We will be having a huge turkey so let me know if you would like some leftovers! :)

Erin, I agree about cooking the Turkey, by the time dinner time arrives I am too pooped to even enjoy it. But I think technology is great! LOL I will be watching for the tutorial.

Not your turkey? Someone else's or no turkey at all? Anyway...Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Glad you got your new monitor. Now can your computer-elf help me with a laptop that takes forever to load Firefox?? LOL!

My DH does all the cooking, and even HE said we're going out to dinner. I don't eat leftovers, so it would've been a lot of leftover turkey for DH to eat himself!

I'm right there with you, Erin!! DIL's mother is cooking this year. If she weren't it would be dinner at Charlie Brown's Restaurant! We're bringing dessert.

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