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It will be a merry christmas I'm certain.

Well I was beginning to wonder whether you were celebrating Christmas!

Enjoy your Christmas! And I can't wait to see your finished quilt (I'm sure you can't wait for that, either!).

I am sure you will have a wonderful Christmas with those kids!

You will make some new happy memories this Christmas for sure. I should have done the same thing since all of my shopping was done on line also. Have the Best Christmas with your family. Next year, I will be right here waiting each month for the new 2011 quilt blocks. Loved the 2010!

I absolutely love your tree and presents! Wrapping paper is over-rated. I enjoyed your previous You Tube post...I need to share that one.

I was wondering how you were doing Christmas with all those sore fingers. A couple of boxes arrived here yesterday with that same familiar swooshie arrow on the side. I wasn't allowed the privilege of touch. That's a very difficult thing for a quilter, as you probably know. I should tell them to do the same with the wrapping. I'm sure your quilt will be will be beautiful, it will be a Christmas you'll all remember!

Have a very merry christmas. Thanks for everything that you share throughout the year, May your 2011 be more than you expect!


I am just loving your tree and especially the packages under it...
Merry Christmas.

Making wonderful memories that you can laugh about for years to come. Absolutely love the wrapping! A very merry Christmas to you and your family and the very best in 2011. Thank you for your blog.

Santa orders through Amazon? Wow.

Having the boxes pile up underneath the tree is a wonderful, no-fuss, idea.

First of all, it is very "Boulder" - environmentally friendly, no wasted wrapping paper. Secondly, it will make for a Christmas full of surprises! Have a great holiday!

Looks like fun to me! Wish I'd thought of it!

Got to love your kids! Their ideas are amazing. Great memory to keep.
Merry Christmas to you and yours. Have a blessed time with your loved ones, and a wonderful 2011.

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