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Congratulations on finishing the top. Looking forward to seeing the reveal in the contest.
Wishing you the best of luck, and hope your poor fingers heal quickly.

You really need some Thimble-Its!!!!! I couldn't sew without them now especially since a needle went down the side of my nail one too many times and went septic.

Lovely colours on the sneak previews!

I feel your pain - I do lots of applique, and have suffered the same injury. I'm sure the finished product will be well worth it!

I wish I had a way to focus that picture! I know that is going to be beautiful!

Ouch! Hope your fingers heal soon. Can't do much with them in that state...
Can't wait to see the final product. The sneak peeks are making me drool already!!!
Best of luck for this last challenge.

Well, it already looks delightful! And that is out of focus. Ooooh I can't wait.. I REALLY love what you make, and how you do it. I havn't made an applique quilt yet, but your descriptions and videos make it all seem possible. I KNOW that when I take the plunge, it will be one of your quilts, I just d/l Floribunda which I love, but I can't help waiting to take a peek at the new one first :) Temptation.. you are just so naughty.. Maybe it should be called Temptation LOL..

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