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I like the 3rd one - just my opinion but I like the center better than the baskets.

This is really pretty.

Love, Love, Love your third option.

I love what you've come up with, but wow, that's a LOT of hand applique! If I decided to tackle something like that, it would take me a year to do. What your deadline?

Oh my Erin, stunning!!

I was okay with the baskets, but do think the 3rd option is a bit better. It's a beautiful design.

No. 3 is fabulous!

I love the creative process but I wouldn't like a time limit.

It's amazing to see how the different direction and then the different middle really change that quilt. Plese don't reply.... just quilt!

Wow - you are so creative! I really LOVE the 3rd design -- it's really going to be fabulous! You inspire me! Happy Holidays!

My fingers and feet are tingling to see how this quilt will look like. I like your idea and the setting of the flowers.
Happy Holidays!

Your quilt is going to be so amazing!!!!

Your work is always so beautiful. I like both versions, with basket and modified center. I can't believe how fast you applique. It would take me a year to do what you do in a month.

Your applique designs are very beautiful Erin. I too love applique and designing so I can really appreciate your efforts. You are a very talented young lady!

Blessings & Merry Christmas,
Deanna at Rose Cottage

Ooooh pretty. Can't wait to see it! Better make a pattern for this one, too!

I like the 3rd option best but it still needs a bit more to offset the busy floral rim. You're on the right track tho - it's going to be lovely!

I like all three, but the third one best.

Thanks for sharing!

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