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Karen did a fantastic job with the quilting! I love that you put in those little touches those yellow flower centers are just so sweet. What a great eye you have.

This is so pretty.

The whole quilt is beautiful and I especially appreciated to see some of the details like the piping around the blue center. Stunning Erin!

This one is gorgeous too! Will keep my fingers crossed, except when I'm voting for it. Really lovely.

Another stunning quilt - you certainly have the touch Erin. You get my vote, hands down.

...breathtaking. I am speechless. Your appliqué is marvelous, your quilt is fantastic.

Can't wait to vote! The quilting makes the quilt sing. The label is so sweet, and puts perfect touch ending to the entire project...again well done!!!

I love the striped piping around the blue in the center. What a wonderful quilt! You did a great job all around. I love a quilt I am drawn to look at everything in detail and this is one of them. You should be proud of yourself and your talent.

El edredón es precioso!!! felicitaciones. Un beso

Just unbelievable!! This is amazing, to see it on your design wall and now to see this, just breathtaking. Another WINNER Erin!!! Thanks for sharing it with all of us

I literally gasped when the photo loaded! It is stunning! You have outdone yourself! The colors, the quilting, the workmanship- all A+++.

It's so gorgeous Erin! I would vote for your quilt over and over again!!

This is so beautiful Erin. It's sure to be a winner.

Amazing quilt...thank you for sharing the details!

what a stunning quilt and the quilting is to die for! the use of the tiny stripe in the piping and the small border makes everything pop.

What a beautiful quilt. Magnificent fabric choices and workmanship. You deserve a ribbon for this. Stella in Ottawa


Who's a clever girl? It is so interesting to see all the details. The label alone deserves a prize!
Well done Erin.

What a great pictures. The quilting is done wonderfull too! This must be a winner quilt!

This quilt is so gorgeous. You have my vote!

Oh it's lovely and so happy! I love the gradations in the pink flowers. I love the striped piping. I love the swirly centers in the flowers.

Ok, you're going to put this pattern in your shop, right?

Woooow wooooow, it 's a very beautifull quilt! You have my vote too!

Ambrosia is GORGEOUS! And the quilting is inspirational. I'll be voting daily. Good wishes!

Absolutely beautiful!

I really love this little quilt especialy the piping around the center flower what a great idea. Good luck to you and you and be assured that you will get my vote once a day for as long as we can vote.

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