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I have perused your blog a lot, searching on applique' methods and tips and tricks. I notice the lack of a hoop. I am assuming you do not hoop your blocks?

Any tips on how to sew without a hoop and still get a nice result? I am concerned about pulling too tightly and puckering. Do you starch the background block too or just the pieces?

Do you take ALL the pieces with freezer paper templates, and remove the papers before appliquing?

I am just about ready to start sewing down my block! I really am loving this CHALLENGE! I thought I knew applique' but am finding out this old chick needs to learn a lot more tricks! hahahaha

Thank you Erin.
I have been following your blog since last May. Your tutorials and information have really inspired me to have another go at applique. Before I had tried needleturn which I found rather frustrating and not very neat. I would urge new followers to go back thro you blog. I have copied and saved just about everything you have put up about applique. Have you ever thought about writing a book? I couuld just see it - your designs, your tutorials and a CD tucked in the back with your liitle films!

Finally - Yes I have given Ambrosia the vote again today!

Thanks for the info. Greatly appreciated. I do vote for you every day. Your quilt is beautiful

great step by step on how you do this as usual - your work is always so neat!

Thanks, that's a lot of answers!
I have one more question: Do you change threads along the way so the thread always match the applique?
Looking forward to the inner points post!

Gracias por compartir los métodos que tienes para hacer que el appliqué quede maravilloso. He votado varias veces por Ambrosía. Un beso

Thanks for the tips - unfortunately I cant find starch in Denmark, we dont use that when we iron! But I will search for it... Templar - I have never seen it before, but that I can find in webshops.

I really enjoy your blog and all you tuts...such an inspiration!

Quick question...do you cut away your background fabric after you've appliquéd?

I can't tell you how much I appreciate all the time you take to share tips and techniques for applique. I find it so helpful and I look forward to trying out the methods you describe in the tutorials.

I am trying to make sure I have the information correctly. When you stitch the top knot to the background you stitch through normally.. but when you stitch the bird head down you stitch the head to the top knot but NOT all the way through to the backing..is that correct?

I am enamoured with your tweet's block. Have you mentioned it before and I just have lost my mind by missing it (both your block info and my mind...lol)?

Thank you so much from The Netherlands for sharing this information.

thats how you do it

Thank you Erin!
Also for the reminder : I voted!

Erin, Do you ever find that the sharpie marks on the templar smears when placed under the hot iron?
Thanks for sharing all your wonderful ideas and keeping us motivated. I vote everyday, best of luck on a beautiful design.
Chris -Tennessee

Hi, Erin - Your applique quilts are just beautiful. I have been voting for Aurora, by going to your blog and following the voting link button. But I normally use a blog reader, and the voting button doesn't show there - do you think you might put a link in the blog text? Maybe where you say "Nag Alert" I could click there? Go on - make it easier for lazy people like me!

Thanks so much. You are soooo helpful!!!

I missed your blog this morning.... :-(
I continue to vote for Ambrosai! Hope you're back soon.

I'm loving following your method for the applique process. I have several appliqued blocks completed and incorporated into a small quilt top along with some pieced blocks. Now that I'm ready to quilt it - I realized I'm not sure about the washing -- Do you launder the blocks or the quilt top to soak out the starch & glue prior to quilting? Or quilt it - then wash it when it's all done?

Thanks for posting such terrific information - I'm a new hand-applique convert :).

I usually wash when its all done unless there is a LOT of glue mess from me moving things around

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