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Happy Monday Erin

(I have already voted today)

Looking forward to the tutorials.

Those inner points can be really tricky. I usually avoid designs with them or "contrive alternatives" in the design. How do you stop the little "bits" fraying out afterwards?

I love those two colors together.

Wow! That's beautiful.

Oh the education would be a wonderful thing! I look forward to peeking in on your blog daily to see what little tidbit of learning I can glean from your posts. I want to learn more. I have finally started my first applique. Floribunda! I'm very excited. Maybe a little behind everyone else, but I am doing it and thrilled. I am still watching all of the lessons on My Tweets, and I will be with you all someday soon.

It's beautiful! Hope it is ready to enjoy for Valentine's day!

Love your valentine quilt!

I just "discovered" you in December, and now I have to check in every day -- yes, I'm voting too. Your quilt is just so far above the rest!

Love your tutorials -- you seem to answer all the questions I would have. Keep up the good work.


Erin, your work is so lovely. I love your whimsical designs!

Simply Beautiful!

This is so pretty -- everyone's posting such lovely work this week! I can tell it's winter -- the colors are appealing to me tremendously today! :)

I love the idea of a FAQ segment. Hmmmm....what would I ask? Two things: After all your pieces are prepared and glue basted, is there an order or plan you use to sew them down? (Do you start in the center and work out, etc.) Also, when you are appliqueing pieces that are units, how to you approach those? Thank you again. I don't know how you do it all! You get so much done and have time for us too. I guess that is question number 3. How do you manage your time to be so amazingly productive?

yum! it's so pretty

Erin, that new quilt is adorable! Perfect for Valentine's Day.
FAQs will be a big help; all the info in one place. Will you provide links to the applicable posts?
Have you ever used Fray Check for your inner points?

That is a lovely, lovely Valentine!

I'm voting too!

What a darling quilt for Valentines. I love brown and pink together.

I wonder if you could have a tools you use section. It would likely not change, but if someone were looking they could find what tools they would need to get started. Perhaps what is your favorite brand of xxx? I am picking up things now to get started, and I am looking for a pressing cloth, I also wonder if you mark on your pieces as you did in your demo for the bird tiny pieces, or if you just wing it.. (pardon the pun).

Another great design, fabulous.
Gosh, I'll miss that voting LOL.

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