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I look forward to my first year of retirement and finishing some of those projects that I have put back to do. Two finished so far. I will also finish Florabunda. Love your designs. Joan in MS

I finally have enough confidence in myself to say, in 2011, to heck with the Quilt Police, I am making my own designs and having FUN quilting

I'm looking forward to my second year of retirement. Last year was spent building a home -- this year I hope to have all my boxes unpacked -- sometimes the military moves come so fast and furious, you don't get unpacked before the next move. Erin, I am so looking forward to "My Tweets." Judy

My Tweets will be my second applique quilt.
The 2010 pattern was my first try and I find it not too bad so I am hoping to perfect my work with the second one.

Barbara, I totally agree...to heck with the quilt police! In 2011, I am most looking forward to making quilts the way I want to make them. I'm going to do some english paper piecing even though it's "slow and old-fashioned", just because I love it!

Your blog has become my favorite to read in the last year. You give us so the gift yourself, thank you my dear it's a fun ride!! I look forward to seeing what you have up your sleeve for 2011!! :D

I'm working hard on finishing Roseville Album, then onto the Civil War Bride. Have 6 other quilt projects started and hope to at least finish one of them later this year. Love your designs and looking forward to this years. Thanks for all you do for us....

I'm looking forward to having a quilted garden tour in June with 4 other people from the church where we quilt 1 Saturday a month. The church is having a hard time financially so I decided that our group could, hopefully, make some money to help them out. It'll be a lot of work but I can just picture the quilts hanging on lines between the trees, waving in the breeze. This was done in another town last year and they raised $2000 for there church. I sure hope we can do as well.

Love the block, and had a great time voting for Ambrosia! What beautiful designs!!!

This year I'd like to work on some of the projects that have been multiplying around here! I can't even get clothes & shoes in my closet anymore :) Erin, I already have your Miss Kelly pattern, so you can take me out of the giveaway - just wanted to "throw in" with everyone.

Your bom's and tutorials have given me the confidence to do more applique and for 2011 I look forward to making your tweets bom it looks absolutely stunning.

I retired at the end of 2010 - yippee. So I am looking forward to lots more quilting. I have a BOM I've been working on for 3 years. It's about time I get it finished. And then there are all the other BOMs.......

I'm looking forward to continuing my new found love of applique. Miss Kelly will be on my to do list.
Upstate NY

Erin, actually, what most want for New Year's peace and health for the people.
As for work, I intend to finish some old UFO, its BOM 2010 and eager to start your new BOM. I will vote. I'll cross my fingers, maybe this time will be the winner of this beautiful work!

Oh, I love your Miss Kelly pattern! And I'm soooo looking forward to your Tweets! This year, my goal is to keep up with my TQS BOMs (the one for 2011, and I'm doing 2010 this year, too), and lots of other quilting (including your Tweets. I'd also like to finish several quilts that have been in the works for too long.

I did my voting today! One of my swooshy arrow boxes under the tree contained EQ7! For 2011, I'm looking forward to designing on it, completing some UFOs, organizing my houshold and doing some traveling.

Looking forward to a year filled with new challenges and inspiration....and of course I can hardly wait to begin my very first BOM so I wait with great anticipation for the unveiling of "My Tweets"

I'm just looking forward to a better year than last year! Some peace and tranquility would do me fine and some time to quilt. I'm looking forward to your new pattern and I'll be voting for you. Good luck, Ros

Love the designs - and glad I caught the downloads before you removed them! I know I will have all your patterns before long. Thanks so much.

I just found your blog thru Nance Rink's links! How beautiful everything is. Patterns, use of color and free BOM are more than enough to inspire me. Although I have been doing machine applique, your beautiful quilts and tutorial have renewed my interest in hand applique. I ordered Miss Kelly last night and can not wait to get started. You have my vote!

I love your all your quilts Erin. I love applique! I looked at all the finalists in the McCalls quilts and your quilt just honestly stood out heads and tails above the rest, so of course I voted for your quilt!
My year ahead is making new and finishing UFO quilts, especially my applique quilts. I can't wait to get started making at least one of your blocks, like from Florabunda.

I am hoping for more quilting time this year. Maybe.......
Just voted for your quilt!

I look forward to more finished projects- hey- a girl can dream can't she?

Is it okay to say everything LOL. I will be starting my first Erin applique.. and I'm so very excited. It will be my first applique. I just ordered perfect circles, and perfect stems so that I can make my first ever applique, and I choose to make one of your quilts to do it. I LOVE your quilts SO much. The shapes just speak to my sense of style. They tell me that I can do this! I'm so ready to take the leap, and your teaching style of blogging is just what I need to help me along the way. I will make my first applique quilt, and the learning of it all is what I so look forward to.

I am with you on the New Years resolutions. I was going to pass on the whole thing until my 12 year old daughter asked if I was going to make any New Years revolutions. I laughed about her mistake but then a light bulb went on and I though a revolution was just what I needed. So this year I am going to put myself first, or at least on the priority list. This year is more about me and what makes me happy, not me focusing on everyone else to the exclusion of myself. The idea makes me smile! I think I can do it to, as long as the rest of the family doesn't notice the revolution happening in the background.

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