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Erin, I'm in AWE!!! What a stunning piece of work, you have my vote(s)!! Hug from Anita.

WOW!!!! What an impressive piece of work. Thank you for sharing your talents with us in your blog.

WOW! I was awestruck by your work. Ambrosia is beautiful. All the best as you move forward in the competition. You have impressed with your design voice and as a designer you have a point of view that when someone see's your quilts -- they can recognize it as Erin's work. Well done!




Flora-BOOM-da! Fantastic, Erin - looking forward to seeing it in person!

WOW, no words will be able to way what I feel with this quilt. I wanted to vote last time, but am I right you have to be a member? I couldn't get in to vote!

Erin you have outdone yourself....I really didn't think you could improve your original design. I think you met and exceeded the challenge...well done!!!!!

FABULOUS!!!! best of luck to you in the competition.

It's absolutely gorgeous! I love it...I can't wait to vote. Good luck to you!

What a breathtaking quilt you made!! I will surely vote for you!! Good luck to you!

One word to describe it- GORGEOUS - I will vote for you 4 times a day.

Wonderful! It jumps right off the screen, I'm sure it's even better in reality!

Stunning! Just breath-taking.

Wishes for the very best on this stunning creation - absolutely beautiful!

Amazing! Beautiful design, and so quickly made! You are an inspiration. Thank you.

Erin - Very nice! Congrats

Best of luck in this final round, this is spectacular. I love the striped binding, one of my fav fabrics for this.

Wow, IT IS FANTASTIC!!! You are amazing.

Very good reason for your sore, pin-pricked fingers. Just gorgeous!

Beautiful you will be getting my vote.

That is gorgeous!

Oh, Erin, it's absolutely gorgeous!!!!! Really stunning!! I hope your fingers are recovering, but it was worth it! WOW!!!!!

Absolutely fantastic!!!

Lovely, lovely design! Just beautiful work - I shared your site with many quilter friends this winter because I love your colors! You have my votes!

That is really pretty. You are so talented. I hope Ambrosia wins.

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