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Useful and inspiring as ever. I think I might have to add a little bird to the piece I am working on at the moment!

(Don't worry I voted earlier!)

You made that look pretty easy. I usually needle turn my stuff but this looks like it would keep it's shape a lot easier, so I think I'll give it a try.

I see you as my applique mentor. I do not know other quilters and there is no class around here. Where you write press the inner point, I noticed that you are still away from the inside curve. I now realize that I have trouble with this type of inner point curve because I try to go completely inside which I guess is not necessarily if you are consistent.

I noticed when you show the press to inner curve picture you haven't really clipped all the way to the point. I going to try this. I always thought I had to clip closer to the point, but then I always end up with fraying. You'd think I would have learned by now. Thank you Erin! Your videos are always very informative.

I just discovered this blog today and appreciate your useful video. It's so much easier to learn by seeing than reading!
I am interested in the quilt you are making. Is this a pattern you are going to have available on this blog? How do I sign up for it?


Hi Erin. I would like you to know that it is great that you remind us to vote so that I can do it everyday. Do not feel in anyway that you are buggin us I need the reminding. I want you to win with your talent I must say you deserve it.
Thanks for your special time you take in your tutorials its more appreciated than you will ever know.

Hi Erin, thank you very much for the tutorial.
I have a question please. Can I iron two pieces of freezer paper together first, then trace and cut out the templates? Will this make any difference? Any reason that you trace and cut separately twice?
Thank you again!

Great video Erin and I voted again today for you! Good luck!

I just found this and I'm so happy I did. What kind of starch did you use??

voted today and commented I see your comments are low so am going to comment everyday as well. I really really want you to win.
Your quilt and the work you put into it as any appliquer would know shows your heart went into this challenge.

Thank you for making the videos. They REALLY do help. I am watching them all, and learning alot as I go. Are you using a special kind of templar for your templates that doesn't melt under your iron? Can I use pretty much any of them that I buy? I'd hate to ruin my iron LOL..

I use Templar made by Heirloom Stitches
I usually buy it from Karen Kay Buckley...there is a link on the right side of the blog
She has great notions for applique!

Thank you again, I am still keeping them on my PC. But... I have the starch, the templar and the fabric... I might get a start soon.
I saw more people commenting on the inner curve. Are they right you don't clip until the end?

Im planning a little tutorial on that

wow this is so pretty I want to make this but am having trouble loading I hope to be able to download this pattern and buy the middle pattern Thanks so much its just beautiful!!!

Hello, i´m from germany and my english is not so good. So i hope you understand me :-) I sew the BOm my tweets and i have a question. How sew you the zig zag frame from the Block. Du you know what i mean?


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