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Thank you for spending so much time on tutorials. There are really great and very helpful and this block is gorgeous.

nice tutorial. You do such neat precise work.

Great tutorial, thank you so much! Just wanted to let you know that am voting everyday!

Great tutorial, and beautiful work. I've learned ever so much from your blog, here. I'm definitely making this quilt.

PS. I'm voting for you daily, too

Thanks Erin. You are a born teacher. You answer all my questions, before I even ask! I'll be choosing my fabric on Friday at the Road to California. Do you have an entry there this year?

Oh, and I am voting for you daily too.

Looking forward to trying this out. Have to practice applique a bit more first though. *sigh*

Thanks so much for your great tutorials. I'm learning so much when you show how you prep and it sure looks like it would be a lot easier. BTW I'm voting every day! Good luck

I enjoy so much to see your quilt grow.....

Thanks for the lesson Erin. I found it very helpful to see how much fabric you have extending underneath your pieces. I have not been extending enough.

El tutorial está fantástico, gracias por explicarlo tan bien. Un beso

Your tutorials are like having the teacher right here. Thanks so much. Did you give the alternate background fabric yardage yet? Maybe I missed it.

Thank you,Erin, for your clear instructions.

Erin - thsnk you!

Still voting!

Voted for you!
Thanks for your tutorials!

OMG...what an artistic person you are. i'm visiting your blog for the first time and i was drooling around seeing your beautiful work. Thank you so much for taking so much time to make this well explined tutorial...i love it...need to browse all your previous pages...thank you so much.

Superbe, bravo et merci pour ces explications très clairs.

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