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Thank you Erin. Very interesting - fray glue and a little stitch just in the applique fabric. I'm looking nforward to trying that.

P.S. Ambrosia "done" for the day!

Another product I will add to my list. Smell is VERY important. I have found that it is one of the contributors to my migraines. If it is super strong in smell, I cannot use it. Even perfumes. Please old ladies.. do not over dose in perfume.. LOL. Oh I voted.. thanks for the reminder ;)

I never thought of using a anti-fray product to stop the fraying at inner points...duh. Great tip! Thank you Erin.

Thank you for sharing your applique tips. I am new to applique and you make it seem so easy.

I have a brand new bottle of Fray Check. I think I will give it a try. Thanks for the tip.

Interesting, that stitch in the applique fabric only. Now I'm excited to try it out! (I wonder if the family will notice that dinner's cancelled tonight?)

Thanks for the extra picture. That is the bit that I have found so tricky in the past. Love the fabric you have used for the heart.

Thanks so much for all your tutorials. Love your designs! I don't think I've missed a day of voting yet...fingers crossed for you!

I tried your tip but wasn't completely satisfied with the inner point - there still was a little fraying. So I tried clipping all the way in to the point and then applying Frey Check before doing the starch. It looks great and is really pointy!
I am concerned though if it will hold up in washing, so off to the kitchen sink we go.

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