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Thank you, I really look forward to stitching this!

HI Erin, All printed and going for the fabric selection now. Can you tell me if you have done the comb of the birds as one piece or three smaller pieces?

Still can't make the badge work on my blog either :-(


I read several blogs daily and want you to know yours is the best!!!!!

3 smaller pieces
still working on badge

Thank you Erin. I have just set up my new "Tweets" folder in my computer and safely stowed away the four "bits" of part one. (It's like putting four boxes of chocolates away for later!)

P.S.I would love to see a little video of you sewing one of those inner points. I really found your "Pointy Points" helpful.


Thank you, Erin. Block one is lovely!!!

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! Off to the fabric store today, I need more background fabric.

now I thought I loved Florabunda but oh my goodness Erin you are just a quilters delight this block is stuuuuning!! I love love love it!!

I can't wait to get started!

Wow, wonderful. I am still working on the florabunda series yet, and I really want to finish that flower quilt for myself. So I don't know how much I can take my time for the birds blocks, but I don't hesitate to say " I HAVE TO KEEP IT!".
Thank you, Erin. I already can't wait for next block.


Thanks for this beautiful block.
And for reminding me to vote again, I should be used to vote daily, but by the time I am, voting will be over :-(

I love, love, love it. Now I know part of what I am doing today. Prepping shapes and glue basting down. I have the centre square almost halfway finished. I've been waiting in high anticipation for this release!

Hi Erin,
I am new to hand applique, but feel ready to dive into a real project. I have been looking for months for something that "speaks" to me. I discovered you and your wonderful patterns a few weeks ago. I'm in love :) And the best part is, I am going to leave the comforts of home - reproduction fabrics, calicos, 1930's prints - and embrace COLOR! Thank you so much! I can't tell you how excited I am. Next week is Road to California - now I can shop purposefully.

Super gorgeous Erin. I'm still deciding if I want to machine or hand applique this project. Going to dye some more fabrics. I need some green variations.

Absolutely gorgeous Erin. Your work is beautiful and thank you so much for sharing this with us.

I loved Florabunda, but you have out done yourself. This one is great, great and double great. This one I will not only collect, but I will do.

The first block is gorgeous! Thanks so much for sharing this with us.

This looks like it's going to be a gorgeous quilt. Thanks so much for the pattern!

I'm SOOOO excited! Those birds look so sweet.. shy, in love, any of those emotions could fit with those birds.. they are just perfection. I'm torn between starting this one, and working on Floribunda.. or BOTH.. LOL. I need to be getting my booty to the fabric store.. DH will just have to deal with the cost.. sorry. I NEED to do this. I will be closly watching the directions as this will be my first attempt at making an applique quilt.. be gentle Erin.. be gentle :)

This is looking so gorgeous already .. I'm just now starting your Floribunda BOM (I'll be sharing with flickr very soon)
And cannot WAIT to do my tweets.. . you're the best!

Hi Erin, I am new to your blog and have never followed along with someone's patterns for anything. I love yours though, and I have wanted to do a hand applique' project for a long time.
I have the Tweets badge on my blog and am getting things together in order to start. I need to order the fabric for the backing though. I want to do my background in a natural white, not bleached muslin but not as dark as tea-dyed either.
What do you recommend? Should I try a sateen or muslin? I don't want to do a white on white as that is very difficult to hand applique' through!
Looking forward to spending the year with you and the others in this group!

my new fav is Bella Solids by Moda in Ivory

Thanks for answering that Erin. So you are not fond of muslins? I only ask because I have a large gift certificate to an online store that doesn't seem to carry Bella or that other one you mentioned in the Florabunda project.
I would assume whatever fabric we pick, you are saying 8 yards for a normal width of fabric, correct? (45" wide)

I haven;t found a muslin that I really like , but I havent looked too hard either.
Eight yards should be good.

Hi Erin,
I am starting 'My Tweets' and thought I had purchased the entire line of "Happy", however, now I see several fabrics that I am missing. I know I can substitute, but I am wondering if you are using fabrics outside this line? I purchased from 4 sources thinking I had everything and I hate to use up some prints that I may need later. It seems the fabrics that read solid are the ones I am missing including a soft pink, green & yellow swirly pattern and a green sort of plaid looking print. Your work is beautiful! Thank you for offering this BOM. I voted!

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