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Hi Erin, I'd like to ad the My Tweets badge to my blog but nothing happens when I add your code to a HTML gadget. Is it working or is it me?

(Yes voted twice today already, will do 3rd in a bit!!)

I voted! just about the first thing that I do every morning! your quilt far outshined the rest of them!

I tried the badge as well, and I tried it with taking out the spaces, and that didn't seem to help either.. :( dern

I can get it to work with the spaces but not without
I will ask my tech guy...i.e. my son

I could get it to work with the spaces but not without.
I will ask my tech guy...i.e. my son

Hi Erin,

Since I am Dutch I can help you with the name of the bird: it is called distelvink or putter (carduelis carduelis), but it does not look a bit like your bird, so I wonder who came up with this "likeness". This bird seems to dress its nest with the fluff of thistles, hence the name "thistlefinch".
Anyway, My Tweets sounds much better! I am looking forward to it and hope to find the time to make it some day, just like the Florabunda (some day...)! But first I have to finish quite a stash of UFO's :(

The Netherlands

This bird seems to dress its nest with the fluff of thistles, hence the name "thistlefinch".

wowwwwwwwww what a gorgous quilt this will make!

Hi Erin...

This is gorgeous! I'd love to include a link to this year's BOM in my newsletter that is going out this weekend. May I have your permission to copy the photo at the top of this 1/12/11 blog entry to jazz up the newsletter article and grab quilters' attention? I won't use it unless I have your permission.

There's a section on my website with a tutorial for invisible machine applique (under Machine Applique on the Nav Bar) that might be of interest to some of your readers that love applique and don't know how (or want) to do it by hand.

Let me know if you approve. This and Floribunda are wonderful. The downloads were smooth, the patterns nicely drawn. Very professional and BEAUTIFUL!

Julie Baird

I just discovered your blog and My Tweets. I was in the Design Star Contest also but was eliminated after the first round. I love this BOM!! I tried to put your gadget on my sidebar and nothing happens. Can you check it and make sure it is working properly and let me know? Thanks!!!

Mama Sparks sent me over here and I am so glad she did. Yes, I want to enter the BOM - but what size will the finished quilt be? (I may have missed this in the post.)

Hugs - Marie

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when and how can I bey the center block?

I would be interested in doing your BOM....looks

Please advise how I can join

just download the patterns and start! See My Tweets under categories for previous posts. The center block is in my shop (click on Visit My Shop button on left side of blog)

I read somewhere while I was researching Pennsylvania Dutch art that "distlefink" is the phonetic spelling of "thistle finch" said with a Dutch accent. My parents were German, a language which is very close to Dutch, and that's exactly how they would have said "thistle finch". It explains all the birds in the designs too.

When I print out the four parts and tape them together, they are not measuring 14 ". They are coming out more like 13.3 inches. What can I do to get the actual size?

Really great post nice work i love your work and its really helped me in my research.Thanks

For my wedding I got a beautiful quilt. I have photos of it.

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