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Thanks again Erin and yes I have you know what-ed!

Thank you I've been struggling with my Hawaiian bird this will resolve the feather issue...

I think I will use hot fix crystals for my bird eyes. I used them on another quilt that I did that had dogs and cats on it. They worked perfectly!

Thank you Erin. I don't like burnt fingers either, go figure! :}

Thanks for the great tutorial wasn`t sure if they were all as one or not.
Not to worry about the eyes yet LOL I have a Maggie Walker pattern Country Journal I have all the roosters and hens done but no eyes cause I can`t decide how or what to use yet either..LOL

About the eyes ... i was thinking about those stick on wobbly eyes that you can get in craft stores. The come in different sizes and shapes. I have a link here (in dutch unfortunately). http://www.hobbydoos.nl/winkel/producten/wiebelogen-3-mm.asp They are very inexpensive and are sold everywhere. They don't do well in the washer but they come in a pack with about 10 pairs so maybe stock up on the eyes. Or take them off and glue them back on when you have to wash the quilt.

No burnt fingers, no itsy bitsy beads, no french knots (they never seem to tie the way i want to) just stick them on. Plus they look sooooo cute when they wobble.

oh i forgot: for those of you not familiar with the metric system: 1 inch = about 25 millimeter (mm) and 1 cm = 10 mm

Thanks a heap..I just mentioned to my husband that I had no idea how I was going to do these but right away I said "I'll wait..she'll tell us how" and wow here it is..thanks again.

Ok, I'm a fan! I found your site on Friday, 1-21-11 and it is now Saturday morning and it is 4:51am here in Florida. Between your own beautiful appliques, tutorials, videos...the list is endless and then I made the ummm mistake....nahhhhh, and I started clicking on other links to other people's blog spots and well I've been happily lost/found for many, many hours. I've even voted for Ambrosia 2 times, LOL since technically 2 days have gone and started. I also did as I said I would do and put your website links up at one of my favorite quilt sites. Hopefully, my fellow quilters there will come find you as well. All I can say is thank you, Erin and if I could I'd give you a big 'ole hug.

Hi - I have been reading your blog for a while and im looking forward to start with this new BOM. Could you please explain in your next post: What is "starch"? I have wondered in your tutorials what it is you put on the fabric before you iron it, but please help me. I dont get wiser using the google or wiki...

per favore Erin, più volte ti mando commenti ma non rispondi alla mia domanda, mi faresti vedere per cortesia il tuo appliquè sul retro, di un blocco finito??? voglio vedere il lavoro anche da dietro!!!

Hi Erin! I'm preparing for starting the My Tweets BOM and I have a couple of questions:

1. Do you make new templates for all the shapes all the time, or do you reuse them? Can you use the old templates for reverse shapes or do you make new?

2. When you have glued the shapes down, do you stitch through all the layers down to the background or just to the next layer?

3. Do you leave all fabric thicknesses or do you cut away something when finished stitching?

4. How do you handle appliqueing crevices, like in a heart shape? I have a problem with getting enough seam allowance so that it doesn't ravel.

I'll be very happy for answers to these questions and I look forward to starting the first block soon, or as soon as I can get my hands on that template plastic.
I'm sure I will have more questions as the project goes on. :) Please be patient, as I am a beginner in applique and kind of a piecing perfectionist. :)

those are great questions. check the blog on monday and I will have some answers

ok coming this week

coming this week

Awesome!!! Thanks so much.

How can i save these lesson i find i seem to be on the comp more than sewing looking at the lessons ..Jean

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