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have a nice break looking forward to seeing what you have coming up.

Ooo-Ooo!! Dang couldn't help it I swooned!!Can't wait, my curiosity is killing me! ;D

Sounds exciting! Can't wait. Your style of applique and Pat's go hand and hand, this should be really good. Have fun!

You have worked really hard! The break is well deserved. Can't wait to see what's coming down the pipe.

I have been swamped.... will get to your email first chance I get. :)


Sounds like fun! Enjoy your break.


Blog-cation?.. (can you get a tan? drink something with an umbrella in it? walk on a sandy moonlight beach? )

Enjoy anyway!

We'll be here. Waiting. Patiently. Mostly.

Wow! enjoy your time away, but I look forward to your return. Sounds like exciting times ahead.. Whooohooooo! I got me some MORE fabric for Floribunda and My Tweets today.. so exciting!!

Have a great blog-cation! You deserve it but it sounds like you will be very busy anyway! Looking forward to next week!

ooh sounds like a lot of fun coming soon. Enjoy your time away.

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