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Thanks for the posting and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY. I hope that you have many more years of health and happiness.

Happy Birthday and thanks for the video. I am a breast cancer survivor of three years now.

Once again, thank you for sharing and caring!! Happy Birthday dear one.

Thank you Erin. My sister is a double mastectomy breast cancer survivor. I appreciate, more than I can say, the video you posted. Oh, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I'm 57, and I can honestly say, the 50's are a wonderful time of life. Enjoy!

Happy up coming Birthday-------just remember, "aged" is always a premium choice, no matter what you are talking about!

Moving talk...thanks for sharing!

Happy Birthday...may you have a great day with lots of surprises and happy memories!

Erin...Being 50 feels alot like being 49!

Thank you for sharing this,

Thank you for sharing. Watching the video called forth so many emotions for me. I will be a 5 year survivor this spring.
We live in such a complex world where $$$ interests can have such a powerful influence on potential health outcomes.
I came here via the Aurifil blog hop and will use some BC symbols in fabric for your block. In memory of all those had, have or will experience BC.

Wow, thank for posting the video.

Bless you, sweetie. My mother died at 58 from bone cancer that had metastasized from her earlier bout with breast cancer. When I turned 57 this year I had the same thoughts. Thankfully I've been breast cancer free but I too encourage women to not neglect their bodies. Yes, a mammogram can be painful but so is childbirth! Yes, it's scary if you have to go for a follow-up or a biopsy but this is a case of better being safe than sorry. Remember, you can catch breast cancer early and live or..............

Beautiful work! I just ordered Miss Kelly and downloaded the 2nd block set for tweets but I cannot seem to track down the first block. Your patterns are very inspiring! I plan to make it for my mother as she absolutely adores birds.

Happy 50th and thanks for the video.

Love the aurifill it works well in my machine

Thank you for sharing the video. I have been told I have very dense breast tissue and this video has given me somethings to seriously think about. I am due for my mammogram next month and will address this issue with my doctor.

Happy Birthday! I am living and loving at 52.

Happy 50th. Blog hopping is FUN!

First a very happy birthday!!!
and 2nd what a lovely block you designed for the aurifil threads hop. I hope this is the right place to post. May you have another 50 years!

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