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50's are not really so bad - the wisdom we've gained replaces the ease and energy of youth. Well, that's what we like to think, eh?

Looking forward to this hop! I love Aurifil thread! And happy birthday to you! My 50th is in two weeks.

Happy 50th Birthday! Best wishes for many more.

What a great blog hop! And don't worry, according to my friend who just turned 50 ~ Fifty is the new Forty! Happy Birthday!

have already downloaded the first block from Pat Sloan's site and am definitely going to visit each blog for this hop. Love your block. Would love to win some of the Aurifil thread as I love it.

Fifty is actually quite fun...and this thread would make it even more so!

Erin, my fifties have been much better than my forties!! Don't sweat it.
What a great idea for a give-away; everybody loves thread. Aurifil is tops with me.

You should be celebrating all week, the Week of Erin!

Best Wishes!

What a wonderful pattern! as usual I love your style!!

Girl I am in the same boat as you this will be my 50th year too...looking forward to it really!!
An early BD greeting to you

I just love Aurifil thread . Fifties are wonderful....I am knocking on the door of the seventies.....Pray for me. LOL

Well Erin! This hop should turn out to be fun! You've already introduced me to Pat Sloan (where I found out about Quilt Album and ordered it!). I might just turn out to be an applique-r after all ..... well, it might take a miracle. And 50 is good. 60 is wonderful!

Thank you for this, I am so excited to get started. As for turning 50, I will also be that age this year and expect a major blow out party. I figure I made it this far, I deserve one.

Can't wait for the rest of the blocks.


Thanks for such a fantastic pattern and for participating. Happy Birthday - fifties are okay - much more relaxed than forties.
You will be okay.

Very cool! What a way to celebrate your birthday. This should be a blast. Congrats on being a part of Aurifil's first ever blog hop, what an honor. Your block, of course, is great!

Congratulations on the milestone birthday! Love the block.

Fifty's you're just hitting your stride, gal.
'It only gets better', sez me who is just into my seventy's.

Get ready to LIVE ! ! !


50 is good. You are old enough to know what reaaaaalllly matters to you, it has been very liberating - you can say no and mean it, and not feel bad about it. It is an "attitude".

Happy Birthday (prematurely), Erin! My fifties have been better than my forties! Enjoy the day. Have fun with your family. Eat cake. Don't look back....

I have to say - my kids' birthdays hit me harder than mine own does! My youngest is turning 40! this year - no way I'm old enough to mother a 40-year-old!!!

P.S.: What's on your design wall this Monday?

OOOOOOOOOOOOhhhhhhhhh.......I love these hops, they are so much fun and I get to see other designers too.......thank you for the inspiration you give so freely.......I check your blog everyday......love the colors you use.......so bright and cheery......Happy Birthday.......may it be the best ever!

Don't worry Erin. 50 is the new 40! I know because I beat you to it. LOL

The thread is scrumptious looking and an awesome giveaway.

Okay, gotta go check out the HOP! Thank you very much.

love the hop - i am glad Pat asked you, as well. LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog. Almost done with my bom, couple more retreats and i should have it put together.

how cool - I love the idea of this blog hop - I have already been over to Pat's and downloaded the first block... yours looks gorgeous too. Congratulations on the big 5-0- I hope you have a brilliant birthday.

ohh that is a pretty pattern.

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