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This looks like fun. I keep hearing so much about this thread and haven't tried any nor have any either so I'd love to win some.

That's a beautiful block you've created but I think ALL of yours are just gorgeous. Don't be too worried about that next big number coming soon for your birthday. I made that jump a few years ago and so far, so good. Nothing earth shattering has happened yet. You're only as old as you feel. Happy Birthday in advance. I hope you have a great birthday.

40 was LOTS harder than 50! 50 was fun and 55 was funner! lol
Great blog hop prizes too. Thanks for steering us to possible prizes as well as neat patterns! :)
Sherri D

You know I don't think I ever believed I would be 50 years old. It sounded so ancient when I was 20, and now that I am in my 50's, it still doesn't seem real. I say quit counting! Enjoy the rest of your 40's! PS I love the block!!!

WOW, love your block for the Aurifil Blog Hop. I have just downloaded the first block.
Happy birthday to you! Celebrate.

A very Happy Birthday to you, Erin!

Great block, and fun blog hop!

Happy Birthday! I think this hop will be fun and inspiring. I'd love to try the Aurifil, I hear wonderful things about it!

50 is the new 30, you know!!!

I love your block it's my favorite so far.

I'm anxious to try Aurifil. Your block is lovely!

Your block is very pretty! Thank you for sharing it. I am enjoying this hop! I have not had the pleasure of trying Aurifil thread yet, but plan on it very soon. Happy Birthday!

What a beautiful block, thanks! Never used Aurifi before, but can't wait to try it out!

I have just tried the Aurifil thread and lint free I love it. I can only buy once a month so March Iwill defiently be purchasing some aurifil. Thanks for the lovely block I haven't figured out how to print it off yet but I am working on it. And a very Happy warm wish to you for your birthday. I am 53 and after the intial thought passes it is not so bad....lol

50 is the new 19!! LOL. And that's coming from someone who just turned 60. Love aurifil thread!!

so excited to have you in the blog hop!

Ahh... you know on the 50 you get to celebrate the ENTIRE year AND buy yourself a HUGE gift.. AND take a long vacation!

it's in the rule book.. go look... see.. I told you!


You are only as old as you feel! Happy Birthday. I love your block.

What a lovely block! Happy early birthday. I hope you have a fabulous weekend. Thanks for a chance of winning some thread.

Happy 50'th, it's not to bad. Not much you can do about it anyway. Enjoying the blog hop. Sure would love to try some more of the Aurifil thread.

Congrats and Happy 50th - love your tweets BOM, may have to get on board. Cheers.

Happy birthday and thank you for the video on breast cancer screening. I am a 20 year survior! Now I just have to win some Aurifil thread to try! wink wink!

Happy 50th Birthday! (I just celebrated my 51st - loving every minute of it!!) I absolutely *LOVE* your pattern. Thank you so much.

Sweet block - I need to practice applique - I find piecing relaxing....
coffee and the newspaper....

Happy Birthday, Erin. All great people are born in February. My 50's were awesome and the best years of my life. Hope yours are too.

R for relaxing. I find hand sewing super relaxing and especially applique. I would love to try Aurifil thread for applique after all I have heard about its qualities. Unfortunately, my LQS doesn't have it and I seldom travel or order on-line. I love the block you have designed for this blog hop. I have added you to my favorites.

Te 50's are better than 40's......Happy Birthday!! Thanks for sharing your block also.....

I have never used Aurifil and looking forward to trying it.

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