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well, I enjoy your blog and read it every morning with my coffee; I also voted every day and hope you win. I love your designs.

Just posted the link on Facebook again!! Hopefully lots of votes today!

You can't nag the willing!

I found you blog by accident and have to say for a slightly formal styled applique quilt, I do like it a lot - have you ever thought about a 'modern' applique project - something not Baltimore styled, something like Kerry Gavin or http://rachelwetzlerquilts.blogspot.com/ or http://www.simplyval.net/gallery.html

Put some super glue on those fingers. I really helps.

We love you too!

You worked so hard and made the most wonderful quilt – I really really hope you'll win!

Fingers crossed! Good Luck!

Good lessons, Erin, thank you for sharing them. Your quilt is lovely, and I've been faithfully voting every day -- perfectly willingly! I also very much enjoy your blog.

Love seeing all the beautiful quilts you applique. Good luck with the voting, I try and vote every time I stop at your blog.

I voted almost every day and didn't mind the "nagging" because it reminded me to do it. We all get busy and wound around our own needles so a reminder was good - don't feel guilty about that. Good luck!
Love the tree and, well, gift wrapping is my least favorite chore so I might just give your method a try!

The very, very best to you! I much prefer reading your blog with my morning coffee vs the newspaper or news on tv, you certainly give us an excellent mixture of humor and other important stuff!

Nagging? Nope not at all. WE want you to win! I appreciate all the hard work you do that goes into keeping up such a inspiring blog. Do you get to keep the quilt you made? I hope you do. What an heirloom with a terrific story.

I too always read your blog with my morning coffee and of course, vote. I want to know if we will be able to buy your pattern. I love it.

I never read your reminders and thought you were nagging. Your design is beautiful and I was glad to vote for you every time I visited. Good luck!

If you don't win, it's not because we all didn't vote and vote often.
I vote from my laptop, my netbook and my Nook each day.

L♥O♥V♥E your work ! ! !

Ever votin' Hugs,

I appreciated the "nags" so I could remember to vote each day. I didn't see/feel anything negative about it.

I really hope you winn, I keep my fingers crossed. I voted almost every day for you...(and be sure I didn't mind doing so, for I realy love your quilt as the best!) I thought that everyday voting was a bit odd, I've been in a competition once with computer voting and you could vote only once per IP address. I think that's more fair don't you? (and not for such a long voting period...) Wish you a lot of luck!

Erin, I truly love the quilt and think it was the best one out there. I hope you win and hope you'll continue to share with those of us that will say "I knew her when..." lol

Erin, thank you for sharing your beautiful quilts and your tutorials with us. I hope that one day your lesson nr. 3 will work for me, too!

Erin, if you have time, can you please post a reminder here on your blog about the "party" going on over at McCall's?

I agree......you can't nag the willing. Voting gives us a chance to be a part of the excitement. If you have the opportunity again, I say go for it. We will all happily join in.

You've given me a lot over the last year with your ideas and videos. The LEAST I can do is vote. Besides, I'm from Jersey City, New Jersey--we know all about multiple voting!

Thank you so much for giving us the gift of your life, your talent & your heart! Always a winner in our eyes!! :D

Once again, good luck - I so hope you win

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