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Starting with a multicolored print that I really like is the way I choose fabrics for most of my quilts. Often, by the time I have selected the rest, the original goes back on the shelf or is used as backing.

Great advice!! It seems like a simple concept - Start with something that you love and add to it - this resonates with me today. I think I ACTUALLY GET IT!

Now why didn't I think of that?

Ahhh..if only my fabric stores carried such a variety of fabrics. Most of the stores are into reproductions. I've struggled just working out the color scheme I wanted and I'm still not wowed by it. I almost want to start over, but I've spent so much money on fabric that I thought would work, I don't dare.

And if only I had the funds to buy new fabric for every project. For My Tweets, it's gonna be mostly stash, but that's ok. It's all about the process for me anyway...keeps me sane.

thanks! I struggle with fabric choices for every project and end up buying too much fabric before I decide(This is a problem?)

You blog is always so helpful.

Wonderful advice, Erin. I always love your fabric choices - the colours just zing!

Riley Blake is entertaining new designers right now - you might want to hit them up with your ideas for a BOM.... I"ve seen their sales reps in several places lately and they are all spreading the word! (Good luck!)

You say you really want to design your own fabric. Have you thought of doing just that and have it printed at a place like Spoonflower:
I have not yet tried but I know the equivalent to Spoonflower here in Europe allows you to sell your fabric through them too. Could be a first step towards designing for company. Just a thought.

Remembering that you'd blogged about your fabric selection methodology a while back - using paint chips - I applied your suggestions to my current project, and it works! I'm hand piecing a very Erin-ish color combo, and I'm lovin' it so far - 18 blocks pieced. I plan to blog about this in the next week. Thanks for so generously sharing your tips with us!

That really DOES help! I've been wondering..wish you could just buy it FOR me LOL.. Yours always just looks so much better..

I was going to suggest Spoonflower and Jennifer beat me to it! I have tried Spoonflower and was pleased with the print quality. I wasn't impressed with the fabric quality, but I didn't wash it, and washing might make a difference. It was a gift for a friend out of state (she designed it, you can see more here http://www.seamstobeyouandme.com/wordpress/2010/12/a-spoonflower-christmas/).

You should design the fabric at Spoonflower, then make up a block and post about it here. When other people go to Spoonflower and buy your fabric, you earn a percentage of the profits!

Hi Erin,
The fabric companies should be knocking on your door, begging you to design for them. Your appliques are so beautiful and are the inspiration for me to try my hand at it.

Choosing fabrics for a quilt is my most favorite thing and I can't understand why anyone would ever buy a quilt kit--first, their quilt would not be a one-of-a-kind and, second, there would be no surprise at the end.

Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful patterns with us.


I’m just going to give you a little coaching on what works for me. Even though I have taken color classes and read about color and all that I keep coming back to this…you have to start with what you LOVE. It sounds so simple when I say it like that but it is true.

I would have to steal all the fabric from you and then I would get put in jail and I’m not sure they allow quilting and blogging in jail.

I am also looking for this fabric shopping you have shared a lots of good suggestions and tips for the buying quilts for our home.

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