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Thank you Erin!

Great tips. I'm going to try the circles as you suggest, as I was cutting too much off before doing the running stitch.

I just have to marvel at how easy you make this look. Not so with my clumsy fingers. But the more I do these the easier it gets. The tip about the circles is a life saver. How many layers of freezer paper do you use? One just seems to melt on me and I lose the edge.

Thanks again Erin! This does help but I'm clumsy when I do it!

two layers of THICK freezer paper

Thanks Erin, great as always.

I've just received my centre panel instructions, many thanks! Do you have any special hints for that as I'm hoping to use it as a filler between the other blocks, apart from the 36 inches of course.

Thanks Erin. This was a big help.

Erin - your pictures and descriptions of what to do are wonderful. (And it looks like your fingers have healed up!)

Erin - you are a great help. Your blog is beautiful and full of information I have been wanting to know. About the tiny beak, when do you take the freezer paper out?

before I baste it down

Erin, What kind of starch do you use? Do you have a favorite?

OMGoodness, LOVE your site!!! The tutorials are so easy to understand - my fingers are actually twitching~so want to run to my quilting room right now!! Your designs are so inspiring - thanks very much for sharing!

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