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I will be watching the Super Bowl w/o sewing. But I have to tell you with all the snow we had this week I was off 2 days and sewing up a storm during that time. Got 1 queen size quilt top put together and made a small pillow from the scraps. Yeah, my UFO pile is a little smaller. Last night after work I worked on background for 3 small wall quilts for St Patricks Day that I will applique on.

I feel okay about just watching the big game with my hubby after this week. Best of all- I'm okay with either team winning, I just want a to watch a great game.

I have managed to get more quilting done this winter than i have in awhile and with more snow on the way I think I will get done with more today - that ruler you have might help me be more precise.

I'm jealous of the sewing days. I live in Packer country, but we had very little snow from this storm. It was all south of us. But, we will most definitely be watching the Packers win on Sunday! And, yes, I will be sewing in between the eating. :)

What a fabulous give-a-way! Thank you! I have my sewing machine on a desk facing the TV, so I always say that rather than "watch" TV, I "listen" to it (while sewing!). So, I will be listening to the game and sewing!
Thank you, Erin!

A group of five of my best quilting buds and I will be driving two hours to a fabulous quilt shop for the 12th Annual Super Bowl Sunday Sale! So, I'll probably not sew but I'll be buying more fabric! Maybe I'll take some applique with me!

My team is out, so I'll be upstairs sewing away. I'm hoping to get an applique project ready to take on the road at the end of the month.
Thanks for the great star tutorial! I'm having withdrawals now that the voting is over. It has become part of my morning routine and I really miss it.

I have a bunch of vintage mending/alterations I am working on for a friend. That will probably be my hand work (buttons) while I vote for the Packers. We rarely watch TV on Sunday, but the SuperBowl is an exception. I wish it was applique, but soon I hope. Thanks for the giveaway chance.

I think I'll bury myself in the sewing room and start on My Tweets! The Ohio Star is a favorite of mine also. When my mother learned she was going blind, she decided it was time to learn to make a quilt! The Ohio Star was the block she chose and she did complete a full quilt before she lost her sight.

Ok. This is what I've got going on. First some of my quilty friends and I are going to the Super Sale cause we need fabric to finish up projects. Then I will sew - and maybe listen to the game. Thanks for a chance to win one of your favorite rulers.

Superwhat? ......... Well this fan of yours does live in the UK!

But yet another reason to like your method of applique - I can get it all prepared and glued with the wonderful Roxanne and then just sit back and sew - no fiddling, no holding up patterns or grappling with edges - just sew - watching the telly, in the garden, even in bed - wherever I feel like it.

At 5 we'll going to our neighbor's annual SuperBowl party and that leaves me the whole day to sew. Since I've finished Block 1, I really should attack that pile of UFOs that need to be quilted. This week I'm taking a 2 day class with Harriet Hargrave - maybe I should wait on those UFOs.......

I had plans to buy this ruler after reading your post yesterday.
I will be sewing and listening to the Super Bowl. I have been informed that I never watch TV anymore just listen and glance at it every once in a a while.
I really got back into applique full time after participating in your Florabunda BOM last year.

What a handy dandy ruler! Love your blocks and your fabric choices. I'm partial to the Ohio Star too. It's one of the first blocks I ever made. I'll be sewing & watching the Super Bowl on Sunday. GO STEELERS!

Sorry but in CANADA the SuperBowl is not one of our favorite. The Stanley Cup is the one for us. So I will be definitely be sewing.

Gaaah! I will be working this weekend! And after work I need to finish shoveling so I can get my car out of the garage so I can get my chores done! Bleh - BUT I will be thinking about sewing ;) Thanks Erin, for the chance to win!!!

I usually just watch the Superbowl commercials. I probably won't be sewing because most of the local quilts shops are having special Superbowl sales. I intend to go support the local economy.

Super Bowl? Oh yeah, the good commercial show that's on once a year! I plan to sew and watch just the commercials!!

I will happily be in my sewing room listening to music and sewing. My first quilt was also all ohio star blocks. We must have used the same pattern! My sewing room is now decorated with them I have made ohio star block valances for the windows. My daughter painted a wooded base with the same colors of ohio stars which we made into a lamp. Then painted a rim of small stars around the lampshade. I am not sure how all of this sounds but it really did turn out cute. My husband will be watching the history channel. No superbowl here! Don't even know who is playing. Good luck in the McCalls challenge.

The Superbowl is the only FB game I watch all year, and I'll be sewing too. Love Ambrosia. Good luck!

I'll be doing applique while I listen to the SuperBowl and watch the commercials with our small group from church. We have an annual tradition of getting together to fellowship, eat, watch the game, laugh at the commercials and just have fun. I always like to be hand-stitching something while watching TV. Have a great weekend!

A friend and I are headed to a great Super Bowl sale at terrific fabric store....Baltiks 50% off and they have a hugh slection. Then I'm going to work on a quilt for our school's annual auction. I have all my pieces cut out and I'm anxious to put them in place so I can start applquing. No football for me.

I hope to be sewing! Ohio stars are my favorite quilt stars, and one group I'm in will be using those this year. We have our choice of bear paw or Ohio stars, or both, so I'm using the Ohio stars. So, that ruler would be wonderful! We lived in Wisconsin during the 1990s when the Packers were so dominant, but we're from California, so we're 49er fans, though we hardly watch any more. Have a great weekend, everyone!

I will be sewing all day and no football for me. A quilt shop in the area is having a great sale so I will def. go there as well. Happy sewing!!

I will sew this weekend. Superbowl? Isn't that a football game or something?

well, I will be watching the Super Bowl and rooting for the Packers since my team of choice is not in the game and of course, doing some kind of quilting, either sewing buttons on 21 pincushions or applique cause I can sit by the fire and do that and watch the game. I sure hope you win. I went every day and hopefully everybody else did also.

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