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I will be watching the Super Bowl.. in Texas.. but not at The Super Bowl.. I will be at home, where it is FREEZING.. covered in a blanket (I don't have a finished quilt yet). stitching away on my applique and peeking up at the television over my stitching. The weather here for the Super Bowl is terrible.. we don't have plows, so the fact that we had freezing rain, and then snow on top of it.. doesn't contribute to good travel for people attending the game. Weather should improve for the game day.. the good lord willing.

I don't really like football, so I'll be quilting this weekend. Thank you for a chance to win a great square up ruler.

I will probably be doing some hand stitching while the family is watching the Super Bowl. Not sure if we will be at home or at a friend's house yet.

I will be hand sewing and watching the Steelers win yet another Super Bowl.

Quilting is on my calendar. I, too, just listen to TV, but when I get really involved in my needlework, I shut it out so would probably miss the great commercials.

I just recently discovered the importance of squaring up everything! That ruler sure would help!

No Super Bowl in Holland but A LOT OF APPLIQUE!!! Hug from Anita.

I won't get to sew Sunday as we will be in the truck all day, and we never watch sports so that is 2 for 2.
If I was going to be home I would be sewing! I am taking some applique with me, but I am not good at applique in the truck. I stick myself too much. :)

No super bowl for me .. not a football fan. Hockey or Nascar for me.

Loved your ruler tutorial the other day. I don't have very many specialty rulers, as they are hard to get up here and I hate to waste the money without any idea if they are any good. The one you showed looks like it would save a lot of time. Love how you line it up to trim before pressing the seam open.

Thank you for your inspiration. I've only been blogging a short while and have found so many wonderful people who happen to enjoy many of the same things I do.
I will probably be doing some redwork while watching the superbowl (what little bit I will watch). I'm working on a couple of redwork projects right now.

Thank you for this generous gift.

Thanks for organizing this give away Erin. I like this ruler very much, so I give it a change to join your give away. And sorry, here in the Netherlands there is no superbowl...(whatever that may be, I know it is sport, but which one?)

Sew, sew, sew! Who CARES about football?

I'll be sewing and going to church! Have a great weekend!

I can't think of a better way to "watch" the Super Bowl than working on a quilt. That ruler would be just what I need!

Keeping fingers crossed for you with the McCalls Challenge! Thank you for such a nice giveaway and have a great weekend.

There are about 18 of us going to be at a Quilt store in Cedar Hill Tx having Super Bowl Mystery Quilt Party! We have a locker room fee which covered the instructions, our food, and our triangulation papers! We all have our beginning sewing done just waiting for the next set of instructions! Its going to be a blast and the best part....No men and no TV!!!! LOL LOL P.S. I always enjoy all your info! I am so sorry you didnt win the McCalls Challenge! You should have!! I voted everyday for you!

The only reason I would watch the game would be for the commercials so will probably sew or read a book.

I loved your McCalls quilt!

I will be sewing with the Super Bowl in the background. My team is not in the running this year so I can relax, sew and listen. Hope you win!!

No, there is nu super bowl over here, but I hope I can watch speedskating, while sewing. Does that count ? :-)
I'm sorry you didn't win, I realy liked your design best.

Super bowl or sew? What a tough choice. If it wern't for the Packers playing I would probably say sew but we Packer fans have to stick together so it is going to be Super Bowl!!! Go Pack Go!!!

I will be doing a one-day online mystery quilt with friends. I might try and squeeze in some applique too. Thanks for the ruler tutorial. I need one of those!

I won't be sewing...along with quilting I'm a billiards' player, so I will be at a pool tournament with my girls team. We are usually in the top 3 in our state (ND). Strange combination, but it works for me. So in between matches we will be watching the Super Bowl (even though my team didn't make it in, always next year as they say). I loved the demo on the ruler and the idea that you will be demoing more, because I forget how they are used. I don't have this one, because I couldn't see what the purpose of it, I do now. Enjoy the Super Bowl. Sorry you didn't win, still think yours was the best!

I will be watching and sewing. The thing about football is you can always catch the great moves on the replay! Erin I loved your quilt and I think you are so amazing! I wanted you to win so bad, but I know you are a terrific quilter and I really appreciate your sharing with all of us.

Unfortunately, I won't be doing either, since I have to work at the hospital. Except, I take "MY Tweets" to work on during my breaks, so that count's doesn't it?

The usual routine for Super Bowl is my husband going to a party (usually at a neighbors) and me settling in in front of the big tv and appliquing while watching some special movie I've saved up for my quilting day. He's just informed me that he'll be watching from home this year, so I'll be down the hall in my sewing room for sure!

I am an avid Jazzerciser and my club always hosts a special event during the Superbowl...so I'll be dancing and sweating during the game. We follow up with a party at the club...healthy munchies. Lots of fun.

Well, since I'm not a huge football fan, but I DO love FABRIC I think I will go to my local shop's "Super Bolt Sunday" sale in which everything in the store is 20% off and they have a huge number of end-of-bolts on sale for 40% off!! It is a great way to spend the day while the 'men folk' sit and watch the game (although mine knows even less about football than I do and will likely play with the kids and recover from pine wood derby which is Saturday!).

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