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I will be doing both as well on Sunday. Don't quilting and football go together?! Thank you for all your sharing of patterns and I hope you win!!


Thanks for the invitation to enter to win! I hope you'll come by my blog to enter my giveaway, too.

Awww, well I'm very disappointed that you didn't win.. I really did think that your quilt was the best of the bunch. LOVE it still!

I totally agree that yours was the best of the bunch... Hands down!

Thanks for the link, I will definitely enter! So sorry you didn't win, although I have to say that the one that did win was one of my two favorites (hers and yours). Hers reminded me of Winter, and yours reminded me of Spring!


I, too, am sorry you didn't win. I certainly did my part. The positive for me is to have become aware of your website!

Congratulations for making it all the way to the end! Your quilts were all beautiful and I loved the final one the best and voted daily for you. I hope you get loads of goodies in the mail and personally want to thank you for sharing your process and love of quilting with us all. Hugs....

Erin: You're still a winner to me. Kitty

We are all proud of you, Erin. Entering this contest was a ton of work and your quilt is stunning. Thanks for being so giving to all of us.

I can't believe you didn't win! Your designs were my favorite on every level. It sure was fun to follow you on this journey.

I'm really sorry you didn't win, you did deserve to, your quilt is beautiful.
You are such an inspiration, I have a lot of pleasure from reading your blogs and learning from your tutorials.
Thank you

Hello, one of your pics shows your beat up finger from appliquéing - and I don't think you need anyone's advice - your work is wonderful - but holding back isn't what we quilters do - so here is my advice. I use those ThimblePads - they are leather dots and stick wonderfully to my finger. I don't like a thimble, these little dots are great.


Amendment to my previous comment - I looked through your tutorial and saw that you use the very Thimblepad I suggested - so never mind! You do wonderful work. I am always promoting those little pads and my local quilt shop can't keep them in stock. I should stop telling people about them!! More for me!!

Dream is gorgeous when the fact is unmerciful. Sometimes fate is in we have hors , but we only can't alter it.

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