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I would love to try Aurifil tread so I am hoping to win. Thanks.

mmmmmmm, relaxing - Reading blogs about quilting, cutting fabric, fondling fabric (SOME people think that's just weird, but I know you will understand), choosing fabric and sewing fabric..basically, all things fabric! Oh, and cooking, walking my puppy & snuggling with my devoted husband who indulges my fabric obsession! Cannot WAIT to get my hands on some of this thread I've been hearing about!

it's relaxing to hand quilt, and even more relaxing to snuggle under the finished product. thanks for the chance to win this great thread.

Handwork of any kind is relaxing to me, too! Except for the calluses... I'm still trying to find a thimble I like that I can't wear a hole through!
Thanks for sharing your block- it's lovely!

Cute block, beautiful thread. Makes me think spring just might be around the corner.

I think piecing is relaxing! Binding on the other hand makes me crazy!

Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

Erin your block is SO beautiful!
Thank you for being in the blog hop

And hand work is SO Relaxing... Share the love!


I love your block! Handwork (including knitting!) is very relaxing to me, in fact, I usually knit for about a half hour or so before bed. But I also the kind of "mindless sewing" where the pedal is to the metal and you just go, with only the end as a goal.

I find hand quilting to be relaxing and so rewarding. BTW, I too am having a birthday Saturday and am spending the day being driven all over Lancaster County to the quilt shops! YAY birthdays!

I do relax with my applique after I have the little buggers cut and starched. Love that striped fabric. Thank you.

I find mindlessly stitching blocks together (by machine) or handwork as relaxing as yoga. Thanks for hosting the aurifil giveaway--I'd love to try it!

I find any kind of hand work to be very relaxing. I especially like putting the binding on a quilt relaxing

Applique doesn't come easy enough to me yet to be called relaxing. Hopefully soon it will be. Relaxing is getting lost in a really good book.

Relaxing to me is reading blogs, quilting and reading a good book. Love all your designs and thank you for the block.

Your block is beautiful...I love applique, there is a way about it that I love to end my evening with it. About an hour before I go to bed I sit there with my DH and just applique then I am all relaxed and ready for bed...thanks again.

I'll probably sound weird, but what I find relaxing is cleaning my sewing room up and putting things back where they belong. I'm not one that can work in a messy area so uncluttering my space relaxes me.

Thank you for the chance to win some of this thread I keep hearing about and for the great block.

I HOPE to find applique relaxing. If I won this thread it would be another push in that direction.

Love your applique, as always, Erin. Yo are my inspiration and thanks for the beautiful block !

I find it very relaxing and satisfying to do the final tidying up of the kitchen before I go to bed. Leaves me with a good feeling for the next morning

I love Aurifil thread, especially 50-weight, which I have been using for piecing, applique and quilting for the past ten years. I think hand-piecing is especially relaxing. It doesn't take as much prep work as applique, and it's extremely portable. I think every quilter should give hand-piecing a try. Thanks, Erin, for this lovely giveaway.

For me RELAXING is creating.

Gorgeous! I can't wait to pick up some Aurifil!

I love to read blogs and sew for relaxation! Love Aurifil thread!

I find anything quilty relaxing. There are times when I am simply too tired to sew but I will just go sit in my sewing room because that room is relaxing. Thank you for the beautiful block and the chance to win this thread...I have never used Aurifil (I am stoked about the wool thread).


Anything to do with sewing or quilting relaxes me..I don't even mind the pressing and ironing involved! Lovely block, can't wait to make this beautiful quilt.

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