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Great tutorial, this is one of my favorite rulers as well!

Great tutorial! I love rulers also and this looks like a nice one because it doesn't have a gazillion markings on it.

I am looking forward to seeing the other rulers that you use. I have many, but have never used the quilt in a day rulers.

Thanks for the tutorial. I have on of these rulers that I won and have never opened it. I will use it now that I know how useful it is.

gracias por el tutorial, estas reglas estan geniales y muy útiles. Un beso

Hiya I too am a sucker for rulers or any other gadget that will help me to be more accurate with my piecing, and of course of course gadgets for applique.
I too have a few I've never used! some day soon I hope

Your ruler looks well loved.. I can tell from looking at it.. that it is one of your favorites.

After reading this post I ordered this ruler from Quilt in a Day. I always love a new tool and this one looks great!

I LOVE this ruler ... sure makes HSTs and QSTs ALOT easier and accurate! One of my favorites to use ... thanks for the tut ! :)

I use that ruler all the time too. On the 12" block, what fabric line are you using or did you just pick fabrics from your stash? I LOVE those fabrics.

ahHA! A new ruler this gadget-loving-girl must have! Thanks for the great visuals! :)

Its Charlevoix by Minick and Simpson and Moda...its great

Looks like I need that ruler. LOL! And I am waiting anxiously for that Block Puzzle tutorial - must make that quilt.

I've seen that ruler before and thought then that it would be a good one to have. I've just never found one in a store to buy. I may have to break down and order one online now.

Thanks for the tutorial and the great pictures. Love it! Looking forward to the variation of the block!

Great tutorial. Thank you. I do not have the rule, I'll buy it.

I love, love, love the look of the cherry fabric block!

Thanks for a great tutorial and heads up on what looks like a great ruler to have on hand.

I am so glad, I found this post! I have the same ruler and do love it too, but I never used it for the first step you took and that does save cutting! I'll better put this blog on my blog roll (o:

Great tutorial!
Thanks for taking the Job to do it!

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