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Your quilt is wonderful and you should be very proud to have been a finalist. I love your quilt.

Her quilt is very nice, but it certainly doesn't compare with yours, Erin!! In my humble opinion, anyhow ...

Well, I tried.

She may have had other assets to get people to vote such as tweeting, facebook, and such.
Yours was the best of the bunch but still congrats to the winner.

Not comparable at all. They must have been looking for a more contemporary vision. I like yours, period.

L'important n'est pas de gagner mais de participer. BRAVO!

I'm sorry you didn't win. :-( I voted for you every day. I still think your quilt was the best.

Your quilt is beautiful, and what an honor to be a finalist! Can't wait to see what you come up with next!

I so wanted you to win! Your quilts are spectacular! IMHO, they outshine the rest! I'm looking forward to starting My Tweets this weekend!

i wanted you to win - everytime i go to my stitch and bitch sessions and drag out your applique blocks that i am working on - i give out your blog address...and told them to vote for you on McCalls.....I am sorry - you are truly talented and gifted in my book.

Hi Erin I too thought yours was the best quilt by a long shot, it was really gorgeous and so detailed. I am really sorry that you didn't win

Your quilt is outstanding, I'm sorry you didn't win. :( I appreciate all the work that went into it and thank you for sharing your experience with us.

Well, rats! But you were brave enough to enter (more than more of us can say) and a real contender. What a lot of skill you shared, and developed, along the way. Thank you for sharing your journey with us.

I'm shocked you didn't win! Well, you won in our minds, Erin!!!

Your quilt was the clear winner in my book. I'm bummed on your behalf. So sorry you didn't win.

I still love yours the best! Sorry you didn't win but it was great that you were in the contest.

I am so disappointed that you did not win. Your quilts were so beautiful and showed such great workmanship. You won in our hearts!

Para mi tu quilt es el más bonito de todos. Tendrás más oportunidades de participar con otro trabajo de esos tan preciosos que haces. Un beso

I think you are more than a winner to all of us!!!

Lovely though the other quilt is, I find it a little bland. Yours is just the promise of summer.

You are very lucky to have such talent and to own Ambrosia!!!

To me yours was far better than the rest. I looked through them all once and to be quite honest don't remember any of them standing out like yours did. I am sorry that you did not win and I voted for you to, simply because you were the best. Congratulations on being a finalist! Carry on with the wonderful work you do, you have a loyal following.

I'm sorry too you didn't win. Do you know what rank you ended in, how many votes? For me you where the very best!

I feel all flat and deflated now! I'll have to go and do some applique to soothe myself.

You are my design star Erin!

Absolutely loved your quilt! I'm so glad that you participated, because we all were treated to such a wonderful visual delight. You're the Best!

Whaaaaaat???!!! Okay, that other quilt is nice too but yours is a stunner. For me you are the big winner Erin!! Hug from Anita.

My biggest complaint about those types of contests is how they are really a contest on who could get the most people organized to vote.

I loved your quilt and honestly thought it was the best.

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