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Thank you! I hope your 50th was wonderful...mine is coming in June. This was amazing, I'd never heard about him before.

What an amazing story - thank you for sharing the inspiration this morning!

This is inspiring, and I'm truly amazed that someone has learned this so early in life. It took me more than 50 years to figure this out. Thanks for sharing.

Happy Birthday Blessings Erin!!!!

Wow! and thank you so much for sharing this!!!
Have a most awesome and wonderful Birthday and next 50 yrs!

Thank you for sharing - what a great present you gave yourself and us. Birthday wishes to a very inspiring and awesome birthday girl.

Thanks for sharing. Awesome. And Happy Birthday!

Wow, thanks for sharing that - and happy birthday to you!

Happy Birthday and thanks for sharing this video.

Happy 50th Erin...May the next 50 be even MORE awesome than the first 50!

You are awesome to share with us - this very nice video, your talents and patterns. Thank you so much! Happy Birthday, Erin.

I'm coming up to a big "0" birthday too so thanks for this reminder. I hope you have an "awesome" birthday and the rest of your life.

What an awesome story!! I reached 66 on Feb.23 and consider this video my greatest gift. Thanks for sharing.

Hope your 50th was an awesome day.

You always share such wonderful videos...will you let me know how to forward them on?

What a wonderful gift you have given to us! As I approach 70 (the new 50's), this is just what I needed to hear. Thank you for sharing all of your talents with us and a very, very happy birthday to you!

How awesome to be able to celebrate a 50th birthday.How awesome to know people you have never met and probably never will care about you. May you always look at the world through 3 yr. old eyes. Have a great birthday and many more.

the best way to celebrate a birthday is with:

happy birthday today and for the next 50 years!

Great video!

Thank you...I feel inspired and happy. :o)

wow you post the most inspiring stuff, Erin. I have to get this book for graduation presents as it has sooooo to ponder. thanks so much.

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