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I turned 50 last year and I celebrated by jumping out of a plane!!! That was more scary than turning 50 -- Happy 50th Birthday to you!!!!

How generous you are to give presents on your birthday! My favorite part of my birthday is eating the cake! I thought I would share this with you: my mother in law celebrates her birthday week every year. She says "she is worth more than just one day!"

Happy Birthday! You sure don't look 50. For the past few years my daughter and I go fabric shopping and out to lunch together. I thought it couldn't get much better than this. But this year we have someone else to take with us. My new granddaughter. We will be teaching her how to fondle and love fabric as much as we do.

Turning Fifty. Why hasn't there been a quilt pattern developed by that name?? We have Turning 20, why not Turning 50. Just remember, 50 is the new 60 or 70 or whatever number you want to assign it. It's just a number.

I celebrated my 50th 3 years ago with a wonderful day spent with my hubby who treated me like a queen. I got a beautiful diamond necklace, wonderful meal and quilting time. I really was "queen for a day". Hope you feel as if you are Queen of Your Day too. Happy Birthday with many more to come.

For my birthday my favorite thing is to go fabric shopping and of course and then go out to dinner and and have a slice of cake for dessert. I dont remember my 50th... was probably working

Happy birthday! My favorite way to spend my birthday is RELAXING! My birthday is in the summer so it usually involves taking the kids to the pool, taking a nap, sewing, and getting taken out for dinner.

Thanks for the great giveaway!

my fav thing is to get together with my sit-n-sew buds and laugh away at life - very good to keep the soul young

happy birthday to you and many many more in good health with the love of friends and family, Erin !

Happy Birthday! My favorite way used to be spending my Birthday with my Family. I need to think of an alternative now that I live so far from them. I'll keep watching the ideas that You recieve, because for me it's time to start anew.

We don't really do that much for birthdays. I'm not saying we ignore them just don't do a lot. Usually we go out to eat, open presents, have cake. That is nice that you are having a giveaway- please include me :)
Have a happy 50th and always remember those are just numbers - they don't mean anything!

Happy Birthday... I will be joining you in a year. :-)

One year for my birthday my family gave me a day to do whatever I wanted. That was the best! I didn't cook or clean or any normal wife/mom stuff. I was able to relax.. sew... read... whatever I wanted. It truly was the best way to celebrate for me. That night we had a family celebration. It was lovely!

Hope you day was lovely too! Barb C

I have never had a birthday that I considered a milestone. But, now that I'm past 60 I am pondering them a little more. I have so many things to do that I worry I won't get them all done. My best b-days are those I can spend with our children and other family. In the end, they're the ones that really matter. Happy Birthday, Erin.

Fifty-Smifty, you dont look a day over....well you get the point! Celebrate and enjoy life to the fullest! That is what life if for! My best birthday is being with friends and family and going out to eat and laughing and telling stories when we were young....younger!!!LOL I want you to know your site is the first thing I go to each morning once i get log into at work! I cant live without your wisdom, charm, and antics!
May you have many more wonderful birthdays!

My favorite way to celebrate my birthday is to go on a trip. My DH took me to NYC to celebrate my 60th. He bought theater tickets, made dinner reservations and planned the whole trip. It was very special.

Happy birthday, Erin! I remember my 50th birthday that was nearly eight years ago! Spent it at a beachside condo with friends. It was wonderful. Nowadays I am happy just to be remembered with a card, email or phone call. It's the people that life is all about.

Thanks for your lovely giveaway. Have a glorious day on Saturday.

Birthdays?? Most of them I'd like to forget, but my favorite way to celebrate is to be totally lazy in my chores - no housework, no cooking dinner, no errands to run, etc.

The one must for that day - ice cream.

Happy birthday to you and enjoy every second of your day!

Happy birthday! I like to relax and do my favorite thing....applique and buy more fabric for a new project.

Have a great birthday. I like to celebrate all week long with as much quilting time as I can get.

Happy 50th to you! I hit 50 almost two years ago. I like to spend birthdays enjoying a meal & of course birthday cake with family. A little sewing time is always nice too. How generous of you to give gifts on your birthday. Hope you have a great day tomorrow!

I love to cook and eat blue crabs with friends and family on my birthday. I hope you have a wonderful birthday!

Mexican meal with the family.....thanks for a chance to win

My favorite way to celebrate my birthday is by spending it with my family. Usually we go to dinner at my favorite place and then back home for cake and presents. My favorite presents have been "dates" with my son. This year he took me to a Carolina Hurricanes game. Such fun to have him all to myself for an entire evening.

My sister and I go on a mini one day shop hop on our birthdays. Hers is in May and mine is in October. We are always ready for a day in the quilt shops, especially in May after a long winter and October in preparation for a long winter. Sometimes we buy quite a lot; sometimes not, but it's always fun to go shopping with my sister.

My favorite way to spend my birthday is doing my favorite things the things I do everyday like applique' and sewing. The only thing I don't do is cook but then I don't do much of that anyway.
I hope you have a wonderful 50th birthday and many more.

Happy birthday! Celebrate your half century with great joy.

My 50th celebration was one that I really enjoyed. We spent the afternoon at a 50th birthday party for a friend then my family went to see a lighthouse on the coast of Maine and took some terrific pictures at sunset. Spending the day with friends and family was the best.

Enjoy your day whatever you decide to do.

Happy Birthday!!!! Cake cake cake.....lots of cake for birthdays!

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