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DO have a very Happy Birthday. I like to go out to a very special dinner for my birthday, just as long as I don't do the cooking. Enjoy YOUR day.

My favorite birthday party was a tea party complete with stylish hats and fancy cups. The pictures came out great!

i like to sew or quilt and have someone cook me dinner.

I feel for you! I am going to be Fabulous Fifty in July! I hope you don't mind if I borrow that saying when it's my time. Thanks for hosting this wondeful giveaway. I can't wait to try the Arufil thread that everyone is blogging about. Thanks! Steph

My fav way to celebrate my birthday? What birthday? I don't have birthdays!!!!
Let me tell you a story! On January 5 of a certain year, my daughter Amy was born - I had a c-section, so I couldn't exactly walk for the first 12-24 hours - and she ended up having to go to the NICU.... She just needed a little extra help breathing at first - nothing major... Anyway - on January 7, (my birthday) she was discharged from the NICU to the regular nursery - and when the NICU discharged her, 3 of the nurses wrapped her up with a bow and delivered her to my hospital room and sang Happy Birthday to me - She's still the best birthday present I ever received!

Have a VERY happy birthday!

Hi Erin!

Happy Birthday To You!!!!!! And many more to come!!!(you're only halfway, aren't you?).I hope you will have a great day with your family, one that you will remember forever!


Happy Birthday Erin. On my 50th B'day my husband bought a quilt kit for me. It was unplanned..we walked into a quilt store and I immediately fell in love with a quilt that was on display. It was huge and it was gorgeous and I think it was nearly $300. I had never seen the pattern before or since. I think it was a shop pattern. The store had to create a kit for me on the spot. When we got home I put it away (in a box) for safe keeping so I could work on it when I had a large amount of time to devote to it. Ten years later....I'm still looking for that box and dreaming about that quilt! True story.

Judging from your photo it looks like you are still having fun at 50! I think that's the main thing -- don't get caught up in the numbers, just enjoy every day. For me it doesn't matter what I do on my birthday as long as I do it family and friends. Thanks for the wonderful drawing!

Happy Birthday to you - I hope you will have a great day!
I love to celebrate my birthday in the weekend together with friends and family, and even though I'm turning 42 next time, I just love to get the presents I have wanted for.

Happy 50th birthday

My birthday is my day.... I do whatever I want and eat what ever I want. I forget the diet!!! Just spending time with the family is also the best...


I turned 55 last summer. The older I get the more I feel I am my true self. Celebration for me comes every day...it simply depends on what you focus on. Special memories are made in quiet moments of conversation over a simple meal with loved ones. I am blessed and thank God for all the experiences, good and bad, that have formed the woman I am today.

Yesterday I turned 55 and spent the day working at my guild's quilt show. One of my daughter's sent me flowers and the other made me brownies (I bought the mix and had to wash the dishes). I loved it. Happy 50th Birthday.

For my Fiftieth birthday my kids surprised me with a limo. We went and picked up my quilty friends from my sewing circle and the limo took us all in style to two local quilt shops!!We shopped and went to lunch! OMG it was SEW fun!

My favorite way to celebrate my birthday is. The way I celebrated my 40th birthday in Mallorca, next to the pool(with DH and DS) in the sun and a cocktail in my hand.

My 50th is coming up in June and to celebrate, I am going with a few quilting friends to the big quilt show in Vermont!! It's a 2 day drive for us, so we are very excited. I have to celebrate with my quilting friends cause they just "get" me!!

Turning 50 is awesome! But my favorite way to spend my birthday is heating up my debit card at every quilt shop within driving distance. And then, I can spend my night fondling and petting. :)
Have a wonderful birthday!

My favorite way to celebrate is to go to my favorite restaurant - hubby, kids and all... we love Red Lobster but don't go often b/c it's sorta expensive for us.

That is so nifty that you're gifting away some of your favorite things for your FIFTYth birthday! Very generous in deed!

I'll never forget when my mother turned 50... at dinner that night she realized we were all half the others age... my brother was 25 and I was 12 and a half... cool.

Happy Celebrating - hope you get to spend it with those that love you the most!!

Love from Texas! ~bonnie

Happy Birthday!!! I spend my birthday at the beach. I am now 52 and savor each day that I can spend at the beach. Thanks for the awesome giveaway. I have a purse pattern that this would be perfect for!

Happy 5-0! My favorite way to celebrate my birthday is by going out to dinner and quilting. I turned 50 two years ago and absolutely did not want a party, but giving gifts would have been fun!

Congrats on your 50th! I wouldn't mind seeing 50 again. (I just passed 60.) Thanks for the wonderful giveaway. I'd love to work with those products. My favorite way to celebrate my birthday is to see my granddaughters.

YAY today is my birthday too! I am celebrating by making these Aurifil blocks!!! I informed my husband that I will not be cooking or cleaning ALL weekend but rather sewing instead! The only break I am taking is to go out for my birthday dinner then back to the sewing cave!!!

Happy 50th!! My idea of an great birthday includes a happy day with my wee ones and some creative time for me (fabric included) followed by a night out at a museum or other equally inspiring/beautiful venue and dinner with my husband. Then, to frost the cake, so to speak, we would get together with extended family in the next few days to have cake (chocolate!) and ice cream!

Have a wonderful birthday!!

Vegas baby!!!!

That his 50 years are wonderful and that come 50, congratulations!
I celebrated my 50 years at home with my family, grandchildren and friends. It was very good ...
Happy Birthday!!!!


You are a very young 50! Really. Your skin says it's about 42 (at least from the pix I have seen of you) -- I know because I worked with a doctor that did plastic surgery and he could tell how old people were by several characteristics of their skin and I learned from him. You must have taken really good care of it or had great genes.
Anyway - the best way to celebrate any birthday is to be with my far-flung children and just enjoy their company, along with my husband. To do some handwork while visiting or show off some of what I have made recently is also great. I just love to visit with all of them (3 children, 2 spouses and 3 grandchildren) and enjoy the new things in their lives. It's the best!
Myra Ungerman
(charliestarfrog@hotmail.com OR myraung@yahoo.com)

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