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Hartelijk gefeliciteerd met je verjaardag! - is what the Dutch say (o:
I found becoming 50 a very special day! I celebrated it with my close family with a High Tea in an old old building.
Usually I celbrate my birthday small and my favorite part: the yummy yummy cake I only buy for my birthday, so that it is special each and every year (o:
I hope you are having a lovely day!

Happy Birthday! I usually celebrate my birthday by going out to eat at a favorite restaurant ... this year it was our favorite Greek restaurant.

Here's a some food for thought ... I heard this recently and thought it was interesting ... "Forty is the old age of youth; fifty is the youth of old age.”

My favorite way to spend my birthday is in my sewing room designing and sewing, of course! But if I had the chance I would gladly give up that time in the sewing room to spend it with my grandsons, who are in Missouri, while I am here in Pennsylvania! Hope you can spend your day with the ones you love!

Well this is my year to turn 50 also! My favorite way to celebrate is an Italian dinner with ice cream and cake for dessert.
And earlier in the day sewing and quilting with friends.

i turn 50 this year, also. Hmmmmmm...still deciding on the celebration.

Happy, happy birthday !!! ( and NO WAY do you look 50 !!)

I am lucky because my DH usually makes my birthday's very special by making it my day - what do I want to do, what do I want to eat etc.

And ALWAYS some play-time in the craft room !!

Thanks for the opportunity - you are so GENEROUS !!

After 50 it only gets better. I'm 61 and have never been happier. So I hope your birthday was a great one. Thanks for the chance to win some prizes. Hugs.

Happy Birthday - I too give away gifts on my birthday! It is a custom (I heard) in some European countries and I thought it was cool. Anyway, my favorite thing to do on my birthday is (drumroll please) ..... fabric shopping spree! Yea!

Lucky you! Turning 50! I'm getting closer to the next milestone.. 6.... or should I say 40/20. It's been a very reflective decade.... My favorite thing to do on my birthday is to be treated to a nice dinner out! Hoping you had a wonderful day!

I love to go for a picnic on my birthday in August. When my children were young and the weather was bad we had a picnic on the playroom floor instead. For my 50th both my husband's and my family as well as friends thought I was going to have a big party but I have never liked big parties so I counted who I would have invited for the party, put a price per head and gave the money to my 3 favourite charities. I was not a popular person doing that but I found out who really cares about me. Some though offered money for the charities as presents which was really kind.

Ooops hit the wrong button there!
Enjoy your birthday and a loud cheer for the next 50 years!

Happy Birthday! I will be 50 this year as well and I am thinking of a special way to celebrate. I want a long arm quilting machine so I can help quilt for my friends and I. We can't afford to send them out, so pooling our money would be a great way to give each of us a special present!


Happy birthday and may all your wishes come true! I have 2 more years to go till 50 :) My favorite way of spending the day: some nice family dinner with my hubby, kids and my mother.

I love to celebrate my birthday by eating. But that's not very original... Oh well. It's what I do best!


I turned 50 on the 15th of February. I enjoy birthdays by going out for lunch with one of my daughters and then not having to cook tea. But this year my family took me out last weekend for a surprise birthday lunch for 30 family and close friends. They really did surprise me even cake too.
So I can tell you I don't feel any different to when I was 49, but ask me again in a year.

Birthday Cheers to You

Happy 50th Birthday! I enjoy going out to dinner with two of my very good friends. The three of us celebrate together and the birthday girl chooses the restaurant.
Gail (malggl@comcast.net)

My birthday is February 23 and my daughter's February 25, so we usually try to plan a weekend (or mid-week) getaway. If we can't get away, there's usually a flower show somewhere around that time which is a great reminder of spring around the corner! Happy Birthday and, whatever you do, have fun!!

My birthday is July 3, so it is always celebrated with a parade and fireworks...the NEXT day! :P Usually it is spent with family, which is the perfect way to celebrate!

Happy Birthday!! My favorite way to celebrate.. eating chocolate pie.. shh no one else needs to know!!

Happy, happy birthday! You look way younger than I do, and I turned 50 two years ago!! :)
My fav way to spend my bday is to have time and maybe a meal with our three kids and their spouses/friends. That is time that I cherish...and I know that one day our middle son will come back to us and join in on those fun times! Thanks for hosting a giveaway - those are such cheery fabrics! Hope I can win!

My favorite way to spend my birthday is with family! My two sisters and I share the same birthday month. Have a happy birthday!

Happy Birthday! Enjoy cause it only gets better. I like to spend my birthday with my best friend, a good movie, and good food. And I love that fabric, gorgeous. Hope you have enjoyed your day!!!

Happy Birthday. As someone who has long passed that milestone, I can assure you that the next 50 will be awesome!

My favorite way to celebrate my birthday is with my daughter and with my crazy quilting friends. The guys in the family are always working or they would be invited, too. LOL! Happy 50th Birthday!!!!

Happy birthday! I love to have my friends over to the house make dinner together then spend the night talking and catching up.

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