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Happy Birthday Erin
Hope you have a blessed year
Michelle in NJ

I haven't actually done it yet, but for my 40th I wanted to have a pyjama party at McDonalds...only coz I thought it would be funny to see other customers reactions to a group of adults all in the their pj's and party hats! Hugs Naomi

Happy Birthday Erin! Hope you had an absolutely awesome day. My favourite way to spend my birthday is with my family and good friends. What more could I want? Cheers, Dianne

50 is long behind me....on my way toward 70.

Pot Roast is my favorite Birthday meal or steak if we go out. Otherwise I don't like to celebrate.

Billie in TX

Happy Birthday! I celebrate by sleeping in and eating ANYTHING I want!

Happy birthday! LIke you I too turn 50 this year, and as a single mum I would like to take a quilting retreat and forget that I am turning 50, but I think my three boys will have other ideas. I guess I will have to wait until October to find out. Just remember it is just a figure like 51 or 49. Enjoy you day whatever becomes of it. Wendy

That's awesome 50, Happy Birthday! I will turn 50 in September and I am planning on running a half marathon! ohhh dear, did I just say that out loud?

Happy birthday to you, hope you had a wonderful day! I love to pass quality time with my husband and kids; they always give me a special day :)
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A birthday is best spent with family. It helps if I don't have to do any work that day too!!

I'm so behind on reading blogs, so I'm a bit late on wishing you a Happy Birthday. Hope it was wonderful. Ways I like to spend my birthday - mines in July, so usually too hot for me to have much outdoor activity, but I love to have my family around. If that's not possible, a day of quilting, embroidery, going to the beach, or mountains...I can think of so many things

I love celebrating with family and since we all can't seem to get together at the same time I usually end up with several birthday celebrations over the course of a couple of weeks.

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Very nice tutorial! Thank you It's great to all of a sudden see someone you already know when you're on a break. This transpires an eerie figure to my household. We're by Missouri, but have run into someone through our hometown when we were throughout: Charleston, SC, Destin, FL (x2!), and also Hawaii! So strange and unforeseen. 3Happens two me backwards a ton.
It's awesome to locate an outdated diary or journal / blog as well as read a person's former-self's thoughts and rantings. When I was in high university, Xanga was the massive thing to possess. So everyone got 1 (officially a blog site), though nobody really blogged in precisely what is now deemed traditional blogging-style. Anyway, every once in a while I turn back and study what My partner and i wrote and also I together laugh, blush, cringe, and come to feel pangs associated with nostalgia. Lol our own friends possess a dog referred to as Pickles, and if we didnt have a very dog these folks gonna certain breed her and we'd have gotten among the puppies. We had been gonna call up it Chutney:) although she couldnt end up with. I adore it as soon as baby photos of folks are scanned on to a pastry. Just performed this for my mummy in legislations. It was her 6oth bday. One side of the cake was a recent picture plus the other section had the girl's first infant picture. So brilliant. No one would eat the pieces of cake having her face about them, though.

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