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My favorite way to celebrate my birthday is going out for a nice dinner with my husband.

Happy Birthday to you... and many more!!!
Celebrating with family and friends, and of course, CAKE!!!
Thanks for the giveaway.
Lots of blessing every day! Have fun!!!

My favorite way to celebrate my birthday is to spend the morning with an unlimited gift certificate in my hand at my favorite quilt shop! Follow that with a delicious lunch at my favorite restaurant, then quilting the afternoon away!

I would love to win!

Ooohhh...happy ends-with-zero birthday! I hope you have a wonderful day!

On my birthday, I like to have a quiet dinner with my husband and daughter. This year, though, we didn't even celebrate...not sure why...

Besides my family all wishing me a happy birthday...I love being able to go to the LQS and buying whatever I want!! Perfect birthday I'd say. Happy birthday to you Erin!! And thanks for all that you do.

Welcome to the 50's club - we are happy that you have FINALLY joined us! LOL My favorite way to spend my birthday is with people I love.... Ideally, a good long hike, followed by a lovely dinner.... The best!

I have 5 sisters, and we are spread out all over the country. We rarely get to see each other all in one place, but almost every year we travel somewhere and meet up in order to celebrate with the sister having a "milestone" birthday. I love celebrating with my husband and children, but somehow those birthdays with my sisters are the best!

My favorite way to celebrate my birthday is to go for a run, and spend time with my family! And a mani and pedi are nice too!

My favorite way to celebrate my birthday is just to have it!!! My next one will be my 83rd and I find it hard to believe I am that old. I don't feel that old most of the time and know how blessed I am to have a great family, to still love my quilting, my blogs and life in general. Many more happy birthdays to you. I love your work.


My friend picked me up, we went out for lunch, we went to resale shops. Next week another friend will pick me up, we will go to a quilt shop and then lunch with more friends. What a perfect day. Happy birthday to you!

My favorite way to celebrate my birthday is to just be with my family. I don't demand going to dinner or getting presents - I just want to share the love! Then later I can go down and sew to my hearts content! Happy Birthday!

Happy Happy Birthday!! My fav way to spend my birthday is to spend the whole day sewing and have my husband fix breakfast and lunch for me and then take me out for dinner!!

Hope your special day is as special as you are!!

Happy birthday! I hope it is a wonderful one for you. And you are so generous to be giving US gifts! I'm crossing my fingers and hoping to win! Thanks so much.

Happy Birthday!
Truthfully, I like to avoid it and not have anyone remind me that it is my birthday, lol. That is what happens when you have hit 50 and you are in denial;)


my favorite meal is spareribs and squash. that's my birthday meal. Pie is my cake.

Happy 50th Erin, and many many more!! I spent my 50th last year doing some fabric shopping, then home to a surprise birthday party given by my husband and daughter, it was great. Thank you for such wonderful patterns and sharing your talents.

Remember they say "50 is the new 30"
Happy 50th Birthday!!! I have a couple of years on you and can honestly say once you say it a few times it will be OK......maybe
Chris W.

Happy Birthday Erin! My favorite way to celebrate - sleep in, work out, a massage, lunch with friends, dinner with family!

Happy Birthday!!! I usually don't do anything for my birthday, but i'd love to start some sort of a tradition. Like, taking a day-long hike with my family would be fantastic. Or, doing a quilt store shop-hop would be fun.

What a fabulous giveaway!! Congratulations on your 50th. I like to celebrate my birthday by going out to eat then spending the evening talking on the phone to my kids and grandkids.

Happy Birthday ! It gets better and better!

Happy Birthday!!! Enjoy yourself and have a few drinks and a big ole slice of birthday cake. You only turn 50 once. It's only a number so no freaking out about age K?

My favorite way to celebrate my birthday is to be happy for anything my wonderful husband surprises me with that day. He usually takes me out for dinner somewhere and I get to choose where. As long as I'm spending it with him or any/all of our boys that's all I want and am thrilled that I made it one more year.

Happy Birthday!!!I love the quilt square. I love quilting and am looking forward to trying the thread for better results. The fabric you are giving away is beautiful. Enjoy your birthday, my favorite thing to do for my birthdays is to get together with my three sisters and work on projects, cook or shop. The main thing is to have the sister time.

Happy Birthday! Just remember - 50 and Fabulous! I like celebrating my birthday by having a meal and lots of cake with family and friends. Doesn't hurt when I get gifts of money to spend on quilting goodies ;-)

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