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Happy Birthday. My Favorite would be Brownie Hot Fudge Banana Sunday. Sweet Indulgence. And I would Do (or NOT do anything) I liked.

Happy, Happy Birthday to You!!! :)

Wow....givin' one of us a gift, for YOUR birthday!! How cool is THAT! Thanks for chance to win a gift!

I will be 63 in March...........I think the best way to celebrate my Birthday, is to have the Kiddo's all here for Dinner!! (yep...even if I have to cook it LOL) But LOVE to be treated to Dinner out too. :)

My favorite way to celebrate is to go to my favorite restaurant - hubby, kids and all... we love Red Lobster but don't go often b/c it's sorta expensive for us.

That is so nifty that you're gifting away some of your favorite things for your FIFTYth birthday! Very generous in deed!

I'll never forget when my mother turned 50... at dinner that night she realized we were all half the others age... my brother was 25 and I was 12 and a half... cool.

Happy Celebrating - hope you get to spend it with those that love you the most!!

Love from Texas! ~bonnie

I like to have a quiet day and later go to my favorite restaurant on my birthday with my favorite husband...never mind that he's my first and only husband...LOL.

Happy Birthday Erin!
The best way to celebrate my birthday is to have as many family members as I can find around for a home cooked meal!

Chocolate cake with lots of chocolate icing is my favorite way to celebrate - made by someone else of course.
Happy birthday to you.

Happy Birthday! Thanks for the giveaway for your Birthday, such a generous offer. Spend the day doing what makes you happy, you can never go wrong.

Happy Birthday! My favorite way to spend a birthday is going out to dinner with my family... Usually seafood... Crab legs, shrimp, yum!

Happy Birthday to you!

My favorite way to celebrate my birthday would be to eat strawberry shortcake with real whip cream and wandering through a quilt shop with a good friend. Then, I'd buy myself a present (because my husband seems to forget to do that.) Patti O.


at my last, 40. Birthday, all my quiltfriends come from every State of germany and we going to a fabric-market at the near of my town. This was a great day. And i were very happy to spend this time with my friends.
Greetings from germany

Happy Birthday! It was my birthday this week too and I got to celebrate by sewing and watching movies with my family. It always reminds me how much I love spending time with my family while also getting to do something I really love!

My last birthday I was in Alaska and went zip-lining! I loved the day and my kids loved hearing me scream....and believe you me, I did not disappoint them! Happy Birthday!!!! P.S., It sure beat the year before when both my sons had their wisdom teeth out on my birthday and I spent the day making ice packs and passing out pain pills, lol!

I like to celebrate my birthday with my husband. I have young children. So while they are in school, I like my husband to take the day off and go out for breakast and lunch together.

I like to have some special time with the people and things and places I hold dear. It is a good time to celebrate! Love your blog.

I like to do whatever I want on my birthday, which usually doesn't happen.

Happy birthday!

At my birthday (wedensday) two of my friends and I will go shopping fabrics. It may be the very best way spending my 40-years birthday.


When I turned 50, my daughters and husband threw a surprise party which was awesome. Most birthdays are quiet and simple....just my immediate family. I am blessed! hanks for the giveaway, I love it

My favourite way to spent my birthday is to treat myself on a day out. Last year I did a workshop and bought some really nice fabric. In the afternoon I went to the gym, they also have a relax area with several sauna's and a swimmingpool. In the evening I had dinner with my family. It was a great day!!

Happy b-day, Erin! I'm so glad you asked. When my husband and I both turned 50 we flew to Papette, Tahiti and cruised around the Polynesian and Marquesas Islands and Bora Bora for 12 days. It was fantabulous! Aren't February birthdays the greatest?

I like to celebrate with my family. Always so much fun! Yesterday my mother celebrated her 50th too :)
Best wishes

Happy Birthday, hope you had a wonderful day.
My birthday is late August and since a few years I'm having a bbq party at the lake in my hometown. Everybody will bring something for the bbq and together with family and friends I spend a great day having fun in or out the water and enjoying some good food from the bbq.

Happy Birthday. Welcome to the otherside, when everything gets so much better. You become more relaxed and happy. You finally will find out who you are. So very happy 50th birthday

Happy 50th!! What a liberating birthday this can be! I prefer to celebrate my birthdays for a week!! Dinner is always my choice on whatever day the family can be all together. The week long celebration is also good for Mother's Day!!

I either spend the majority of the day fabric shopping, or I will unplug the phone in my sewing room and tell my kids to take their problems to their dad and sew to my heart's content. In the evening we go out to dinner because that is one day I do not want to be cooking. Birthday's are also for NOT counting calories!

Every year for my birthday I give myself the week off from work. I sew! And eat! And have birthday cake! And get presents! Sometimes I pretend I'm that I don't have a job. That's my favorite!
Happy Birthday girlie!!

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