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For me it's all about the cake! Thanks for the chance to win!

Happy Birthday Erin. I always wanted to spend birthdays with my husband and two girls. Since I try to eat right everyday (not by choice), Sam always gets me cake donuts for breakfast and a latte' from Starbucks on my Bday. The girls forbid me from doing anything related to cleaning and cooking. We all go out to dinner and splurge on dessert afterwards.
I hope that you have a good one.

Happy Birthday Erin, Hope you have a fab day and get spoilt rotten! My birthday wish would be to spend the day walking in the countryside or on the beach followed by a delicious family meal. Lots of presents and cake and then a blissful evening putting my feet up.
BTW you don't look a day over 40! Great skin, pretty eyes!

Happy Birthday. Oh my goodness wish I was just turning 50...my next "big!" one is 60!! Where did all those years go to then? As I now live in France and all my family are in the UK, I love going over to spend it with them, it doesn't happen all the time but when it does its lovely. Thanks for the chance to win and hope you enjoy your special day. Linda

Oh, Happy birthday. I had my 50th earlier this month, so Congrats!!!!! Keep up the great work and thanks for the fun Aurifil week of blocks and threads!!!!

Erin welcome to the 50's you are gonna LOVE it! I can't really say what my favourite way to celebrate my birthday is because I celebrate everyday!!!!!
What a fabulous giveaway you are having........gives a whole new meaning to goody bags :-)

Hey cool looks like I will be comment #55 and I just turned 55 last month.

Turning fifty is not all that bad. This should be a really good time of your life.

Happy Birthday! I like to go out to eat and do some shopping and be spoiled!!

Happy birthday! I'm a homebody, so mostly it's a quiet day, with a birthday cake and ice cream. But I do get taken out for dinner!

A few years ago I started taking myself out for a pedicure. It feels so decadent to do that - it's not part of my normal routine. Also, my sister and I go out to lunch together and that is a blast!

Hope you have a wonderful birthday!

Birthdays are just a number, I still feel like I'm in my twenties (maybe that's a good thing, maybe a bad thing).
On my birthday it's all about finding which restaurant has the best free meal without the singing! It's usually Charlie's Steakhouse here in Orlando with their orange wood smoked steaks, but this year it was Texas de Brazil. All you can eat steak lobster bisque. Yummmm.

Happy Birthday, and now the fun starts, 50 is just the beginning.... Fab over fifty, join there site for more Fab women I did....

thanks for a great giveaway

My birthday was five days after Christmas - since it is soo close to Christmas I attempt to make it special by saving all the birthday cards I receive prior to the day and then open them one right after the other reading each birthday greeting.
I love reading what my friends have to say on MY birthday.

Five Zero is a fantastic reason for you to celebrate, Erin. Happy Birthday ! ! !


hello and happy birthday! i personally like to hide in a dark closet and eat chocolates on my birthday; unfortunately, this behavior makes my two daughters (ages 9 and 5) nervous, so i have to let them celebrate for me. i just found this site through the aurifil hop! i'm thinking that i need to try a florabunda as my next project - so beautiful!!!

I, too, celebrated my 50th in Oct. ~ it was a hard one! But as someone who was diagnosed with lupus at 19 and being told I probably wouldn't see my 40th, I thank God every year he has given me (NOT the gray hair however;)) Celebrate with family and friends who are always there to encourage and enjoy what life brings!!
Blessings for a very happy birthday!!

Happy Birthaday! I am forty this year and i've asked my husband for forty things to do with quilting as my presents! It is also the day of the Royal wedding, so I will be watching that with my daughters.
Quilting time wil be the icing on the cake!

Happy Birthday! Fifty isn't bad--it brings a certain freedom of knowing who you are, and not trying to be someone else--at least for me! My favorite way to celebrate is to not cook dinner and have a delicious piece of chocolate cake or cheesecake! Hope you find your fifties fabulous! Happy happy B-day to you!

Now that I'm 50+, I like to spend my day doing only what I want to do. And then a nice dinner with some yummy wine to top it off.

Happy Birthday! I love white cake with white icing from a bakery. That gooey, sickening sweet buttercream icing is a one a year treat for me.

Happy Birthday! I had my best birthday when I turned 30: my boyfriend organised a "surprise" birthday party, but I knew about it, so I was able to "influence" it by saying things such as: I would really like to eat this for my birthday, or I really miss that person...I ended up with the perfect, perfect party, without having to have organised any of it. It was awesome.

happy birthday to you...happy birthday to you....happy birrrrrrthday dear ERIN,
happy birthday to you!!!!!
seems it's a year for 50's....my brother is 50 and so is my B-I-Law!!!
Have a wonderful day and thanks for sharing it with us!!!
sugary hugs
Wendy :O)

Sushi. This is the one meal I can't really make at home. So, on my birthday my family and I go out for a wonderfully satisfying sushi meal, including sake. There is always a funny moment , something happens (usually said) and I burst out laughing. There is something extra special about a birthday and I love spending my special day with my husband and two boys.

I got to celebrate my 50th in Paris (thanks to my sweet daughter!) I must say that seeing the lights of the Eiffel Tower twinkle instead of candles on a cake was definitely a fabulous way to enter a new decade!

My favorite way to spend my birthday is to have a family dinner with husband and grown children, preferably one I didn't cook myself. I don't need presents but a cake is always appreciated.

I always enjoy spending my birthday with family and of course not cooking :-) A memorable birthday was spent having a cookout on the Oregon coast! Thank you for "sharing" your birthday with your readers!

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