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This must be like Christmas. I really am sorry that you did not win as I really thought you had the best quilt. I voted everyday and would have stuffed the ballot box if I could. Oh well maybe the next time.

You should have one of course that's MHO!!

You're goodies look fabulous!

Congratulations! Your effort was amazing and inspiring. Enjoy your "loot."

So Erin.....what do you think of those new Frosted Rulers?

the goodies look truly GOODY! What a nice treat to receive.

I was soooo bummed out when I heard you didn't win. You are the top winner in my book (er, magazine)! Oh well, chalk it up as a learning experience and be thankful for all those neat goodies they gave you. Compensation for those sore finger.

Of course, you could... if there's anything you don't like... or don't want... offer a fantastic giveaway to those of us who are devoted followers, and voters! Just a thought, of course. But what a great idea, isn't it? Hmmm?

actually that is in the plan

The gifts are very nice but you should be sewing on your new machine. It is so nice of you to share!

Oh you deserved all that and ever so much more.. I love your quilts.. dearly!!!!! i voted.. and would have voted more if I could have. (boo hoo).. You are such a good sport~

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