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beautiful work you have put into this pattern. Great Job.

As always great tutorial, thank you. Congrats on the Ambrosia pattern!

wow...lovely...thank you for the ttorial

I love this bias trim detail (so effective), and I would not have thought to apply it in this manner. Very good. Thanks.

Thank you for the chance to win. I love your work Erin. I am still working on my second block of tweets

Oh it is just so gorgeous.. and your work on i is .. perfection. I love to see your work close up.. it just is spectacular!!

Thank you for the tuto!

I could eat this it looks so delicious. Your tutorials are always wonderful. Thanks.

Ambrosia is gorgeous! Love the little "mini" in the middle too! Thanks for your tutorials, I always learn something new!

Love your pieces. Thank you seww much for the tutorials. For someone just starting hand appliqueing these bits are just right- short, to the point, and very informative, Any tips you can give are most welcomed.

Amazing work ........I love seeing your techniques.....thank you for sharing.

This is such a pretty block. I've used the same pink that you used for a flower applique, it just sparkles and smiles. Thanks for sharing.

wonderful I just love it

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