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Was there a pot of gold at the end of that rainbow? I hope so! Gorgeous photo -- and thanks for the pressing tip.

Thank you for the tip and your picture is beautiful.

Gorgeous photo! I randomly pressed one of my applique blocks on a towel (I had spilled something on my ironing board). When I was looking at my finished blocks the other day I noticed some were wrinkly, but some weren't and wondered why--now I know! Great tip!

E' meraviglioso, complimenti.

Great tip, I have a problems with wrinkles too! :)

Gorgeous rainbow picture! Thanks for the tip too!

Thanks! great tip

Gracias por explicarnos como pueden salir las arrugas!!! una idea maravillosa, un beso

I use an old bathmat. It is a little thicker than the towel. I love it. It gives a really nice finish to the blocks.

I didn't know that! Thanks!

I have a problem with wrinkles, but they are on my face, and I am NOT ironing that!! LOL, thanks for the great tip!

Why oh why did you not post this about 3 days ago?? Well, thanks for the future info!

Do you ever wonder what a fingerprint specialist would make of the callouses on an applique artist's hands? Looking at you holding that bottle of best press that random thought crossed my mind.

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