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I love the quirkiness! I would love to see the You tube video!

I saw this on CBS Sunday Morning a few years ago. Nice to know the tradition continues. It make some of the people here in Maine look a bit more average... only a bit...

So funny...thanks for enlightening me. I might need to add that to my "Celebrations to Join Someday" List.

I saw a show on the Smithsonian Channel called "America Wild & Wacky" that featured this event. It looked fun. I can't believe you live there. I guess it's a small internet after all.

Good heavens, Nederland, that is where I live...!!!(The Netherlands that is to you people, fortunately for me...). Am I correct to assume from the photo that there are nine "Bredo"s so far? Weird!
Thanks for this information, Erin! :)

The Netherlands

Great, great from the Netherlands :)))

Bring on the video!!

That shed looks so redneck or something! Do they have 9 bodies frozen now?

I saw this on the news last year ... what an odd thing!

Interesting! But I would expect nothing less from the neat little town of Nederland!

Remember the Alfred Packer burger they used to sell at the CU Student Union?

I love Colorado--spoken by a true fourth-generation-born-in-Colorado-native-in-exile-in-Utah person.

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