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Hi - have been back basting for awhile now and love the technique! For beginners - you can mark the turn line if you can't see the holes! Use a white chalk pencil to mark the spaces between the basting stitches. I am looking forward to putting on my suit and getting in the pool! Miss the water and the sunshine.

I am looking forward to the snow being gone!!! Seriously I am so over winter I could scream! I love the smells of spring too, everything new! The book looks awesome!

How did you get those little circles to be so perfect?? I hope I win so that I can learn the secret! Thanks for the giveaway

That looks just beautiful. I'm just now starting to read and learn about applique and love what I am seeing so far from this book tour. I definitely think this is a book to have on hand to help me more. Thanks for showing us the great work you have done using her technique. It looks awesome.

Spring? Ahhhhhhh fresh smells, opening my windows to let in the scent of my row of lilac bushes into my house which line the entire front of our property. AND best of all, NO more icky, cumbersome winter coats here in Northern IL that we have to wear so as not to freeze. LOL I HATE wearing winter coats and trying to get into the car squishing the bulky fabric into the seat belts. I've already been pushing the not wearing of that heavy coat a bit too far, too early and instead wearing a lighter jacket. Of course, I've also paid for that because it just wasn't as warm as it looked out there. LOL

That looks like a great technique. It's all your fault in the first place that I am doing any applique! Every Spring I look forward to watching the bird nest progress in my nest boxes.

Oops I hit send instead of return! I am looking forward to leaving my house in the morning when it is already light!

Oh now this is a technique I HAVE to try. Your first effort turned out fantastic!!!!

as far as what I am looking forward to with spring? Well I would really enjoy going out the door without coat, boots, gloves and it would be especially nice to not have to scrape Ice and snow from the vehicle....it has been a long season :-)

I'm looking forward to a few weeks of warm weather before the heat of summer (120 degrees) arrives.

I love the spring...it is beginning to warm up but not really hot... the trees are beginning to bloom and it looks like a dogwood that has been in my yard that has not bloomed in the 5 years we have been here is finally going to bloom. YaY!!!!!!!!!!

Spring has sprung, the grass has 'riz, I wonder where the flowers is...on Erin's site, Yeah!!! Looking forward to the rain coming to an end.

My favorite part of spring is its arrival. The signs are subtle and slow but when I spot them I am uplifted! My daffodils are peaking, the robins returned and we got 11 inches of snow two days ago. But knowing those flowers are under the new snow makes it so much easier to tolerate. I know in a week the new snow will be gone and the old snow can continue its melting. I have been working on your BOMs to help speed winter on the way. Thank you for a wonderful blog!

What I like about back basting is that I get to spend a lot more time stitching because the prep doesn't take much time at all.

I love spring. Here (in northern VA), the forsythias are blooming in their bright yellows and the cherry blossoms are starting to bloom in their range of white to light pinks to dark pinks. Ahhh, it's so nice to see color again.

I love Kay Mackenzie's designs. Thanks for a chance at winning her latest book!

I am most looking forward to the lilac bushes- my favorite part of spring!

Your block stitched using Kay's technique looks swell! Spring... ah, spending more time in the garden, eating fresh, local asparagus, rhubarb, and the promise of tomatoes to come...

I learned back basting about a year or so ago and love it! This book looks beautiful. What I look forward to the most this spring is being able to take my needlework outside to the patio with a cup of tea and sit in one of my adirondack chairs stitching. I miss being able to stitch outside!

Texas bluebonnets - my favorite part of spring! Thanks for the chance to win this great book.

Since I live in SW Florida Spring has sprung and Summer is knocking on the door. I am almost finished with my flower beds and hedge trimming and looking forward to spending time indoors appliqueing and quilting.
I first learned back basting in 1998. I went to a retreat and a friend had just taken a class with Jeanna Kimball, where she taught this technique. It opened my mind to applique since I didn't really like all the prep work.

From our balcony and livingroom we have a view over a park with a pond. I am looking forward to the spring flowers coming out and baby ducks swimming with their parents in the pond. People coming out of their houses and spending time in the sun. All while enjoying stitching on an applique / quiltproject.

Looks like a fabulous book...please count me in.

Best thing about spring is feeling the fresh air blow through the house!

What a great book. I am anxious to get my vegetable garden started and to plant more lavender. Last year my son ran over it with the lawn mower. :(

I've been hearing more and more about back basting these days. Maybe I'll give it a go. As for Spring, I am really looking forward to not being cold all of the time! I feel like I can never get warm. And I'm sure my cat is looking forward to laying in the sun again!

I love this book. I love applique and you do a great job. I am ready for spring, it means family time outside: by the pool, camping at the beach, harvesting the vegetable garden and having it for dinner. I love spring and summer!

Awesome job on your back basting! You make it look easy. Maybe I should give it a try? I am most looking forward to taking the dog out without bundling up and waiting for her without freezing to death. Winter is hard.


The best thing about spring is the flowers!!!

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