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I can't wait for my Bradford Pear trees to bloom. When they do, I know Spring is here for sure. I can't wait to try the back basting technique. It's been on my to-do list.

I'm looking forward to working outside and not having to wear a coat!

Color! One word about looking forward to spring sums it all up for me. The color of the grass, leaves, flowers anything but white! (snow)

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Spring!! I think I suffer from SAD, and when the light and warmth of spring arrives, I am totally energized and excited to get going and accomplish things! Perhaps I'll get my applique out and do some stitching sitting on the deck in the warm sun! Now that's my idea of fun!!

Pretty impressive! I love the look of applique but haven't found my favorite way yet! I heard Kay talking about back basting on the Pat Sloan show. Now I'm even more interested! I would love a copy of the book!

Thanks for the chance to win, Erin. I can't wait for our crabapple tree to bloom. Many years ago we nicknamed it the "popcorn tree" 'cause that's exactly what it looks like! My favorite snack... on a tree!

funny, it feels like Spring has come and gone here in Alabama! It's been 80's all week long! The pollen is out so I can't wait for that part of spring to be over (Our cars end up yellow because of so much pollen) I'm looking forward to my kids Spring soccer games.

I can't wait for all the colorful and beautiful flowers to pop up from their sleep.

THE TULIPS!! :D I need to plant some of my own and enjoy them for a week--wish they lasted longer, which is why I think I haven't planted any of my own :p

Wow, I'm looking forward to trying this back basting applique technique! Just as much as I'm looking forward to all the flowers of Spring. Hope I win. And thanks for the chance!

I am looking forward to spending more time outside . I'm looking forward to summer more though.(no school)

The book looks great. Thanks for the chance to win!
I love the warmth of the sun in spring, the new green shoots in the garden and the fresh air. It is so nice to be able to sit outside, without getting cold.

We are into 80F days in Florida - the dogwoods are finished blooming. I'm looking forward to our return to our northern home. As we drive north we enjoy the changing scenery, and as we pass over the heights in Pennsylvania, the green ends and very early spring begins. When I arrive home, I'll be clearing the leaves from the flower beds and watching the bulbs begin to sprout. I get to enjoy spring twice! I'll also be returning to my quilt guild and meetings about our next quilt show.

The sun on my face, the warmth of the earth in my hands with the smell of flowers in the air! I look forward to walking barefoot in the yard and then sitting on the porch with needlework in my hand. You do beautiful work and I'm so glad you share!

Oh Spring can it really be near? Will the snow melt and flower bloom again? of course my favorite part of Spring is turning off the heat and opening the windows to fresh air!

this is a very new method to me, I can't wait to learn more!
thanks so much for a chance to win Kay's book

Happy sewing

I am looking forward to seeing some flowers for a change in my yard!!

Michelle in NJ

Después de ver esta forma de hacer el aplique esta primavera espero hacer ese proyecto tan bonito que nos muestras en la foto,
Pienso que despacito y con paciencia será capaz de hacerlo

Spring! I can't wait to dig in the dirt! For me it is the best psychiatrist. Of course it doesn't do much for my hands, no matter how many gloves I wear.

Thank you for the giveaway. School ends on 6/10 for my 2 girls. I'm looking forward to no homework, no early mornings, and less grumpy kids!

I'm looking forward to taking my son, who is 3, to the park again, as well as walks to the library with him.

Living on Oahu things don't change that much from winter to spring. The rain will be a bit less and the temps. a bit higher. I'll enjoy the clearer skies and more sunshine. I can take my applique outside now. Yea! =!=

Wow! I can't wait to try back basting. I just heard about it yesterday on another blog and was clueless. Thanks for sharing. I'd sure love to win the book!

Ah, Spring time. I am itching to get into my garden. I love the smell of the moist earth and the spring bulbs blooming. I enjoy the gardening in the springtime, when the sun isn't too hot and the earth isn't too hard and dry. I long to see the bright colors and the smells of my spring time flowers. It's been a long cold winter in Rochester NY.

Nice Book! I'm keeping my fingers and toes crossed. I am so longing to play in the dirt. Truly, getting my hands in the soil and planting is very brings me great peace. It's the next best thing to handquilting.

Wow! Your applique is beautiful! I do so have to give back basting a try.

I am looking forward to sitting outside in the afternoon with my puppy and attending grandkids baseball games. This was one hard winter!

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