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Thank you Erin!

I love it and this morning I put my finger on what it reminds of... Nice and la Côte d'Azur.

Thank you Erin, especially for the full size patterns! As always, your new block is lovely.

What a beautiful block! Thanks for sharing Erin, I've got to start working on Tweets, so neat!

Thank you I am still trying to finish block 2

Erin, Thanks so much for these really peaceful blocks. They are really lovely.

So nice. Merci Beaucoup.

Thanks Erin.
This is great!

Well done, Erin! Another beautiful block! I love all of them. The colours are awesome! Thank you,thank you.

Que belleza!!!!!!!!!!!

I can't seem to get them to download correctly....maybe it's just me....so I will try again tomorrow. This block is beautiful!! As all of your patterns are....

do you have the most recent version of Adobe acrobat?
Its free at www.adobe.com

I'm learning to applique and I must say your work is incredibly beautiful!

can I just say a big Thank you for all of your sharing. It takes a great person to share as much as you do. THANK YOU

I love these blocks. Thanks so much for sharing.

Like an earlier commenter, I am having trouble with the downloads for block 3. I only get a blank grey screen that says "done" at the bottom. I didn't have a problem a couple weeks ago with blocks 1 & 2. I have the updated Adobe Reader, but not so sure about Acrobat. The adobe website only seemed to offer upgrades for a couple hundred bucks. I don't know that anything has changed about my software in the last couple weeks.

It's entirely possible that I'm doing something wrong, just can't figure out what it is. If anyone has any suggestions, I'd appreciate them.

I just found your blog, surfing around from blogs I already followed - and - HOLY SMOKES!!!! I have to make this project. :D

This is amazing. I can't start it yet, but as I've found it 3 months into the game, anyway, I'll still follow along and soak up every tidbit until the day I can begin the project.

Thank you so, so much for offering this wonderful project.

thank you for sharing your talent with all of us! Beautiful!
i just found your blog and I LOVE appliqué and all the tips you provide.

i was downloading your blocks 1&2 and they print to a regular 8.5x11' page, are you reposting the first two blocks in 4 sections like you have with block 3? or am i missing something?

again, thank you soooo much!


Your design GORGEOUS!!! I saw your entry in the design contest and loved it. I just found your BOM today.

Hello I think this looks amazing but like a couple of others I am unable to download the patterns. i have updated Adobe & flash player but all I get us a grey screen, I even walked away just in case it was taking a while to download, are there any other suggestions. (love to quilt & applique but computers are not my area of expertise!)

I'm behind on my blocks, and I'm making the little flower. Do you do the same method as the bigger flower with more curves on it. So I didn't know if you hand stitched around them or the other method. Help?

I'm enjoying the process of this project. I've learned so much..thanks!

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