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I know exactly what you mean! I have 5 daughters, and they help me with the make-up, hair, and nails thing because they know I can't do it! Hope the prom was wonderful!

All of your blocks are beautiful. After seeing your basket earlier I have decided to try to make one for an art quilt I am going to do this week. Great idea.

Love the new-to-be blocks - are you going to share them like your b-o-m's or will they be for sale? Beautiful basket - can't wait for the instructions!

Beautiful - your designs are wonderful. I really like the new beautiful basket you've created. Wonderful! Thanks so much for your free blocks.

You might think you stink at nail polish, hair styling and make-up, but you certainly don't stink at applique!!!

I have been searching for quite some time on doing applique. I am so happy I found your site. It is so helpful. I really enjoy your tutorials. I bookmarked it as my favourite. Thanks so much. Peggy

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