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I never knew that so many people ate just the bunny ears! It is the best part-only part-worth eating. Almost as good as peeps.

Erin, winning another design by you would be a joy. Your fabric selection is so beautiful. I do not eat easter candy but I must tell you that the first time hubby took me to meet his mother 23 years ago, she had made easter candy and it was everywhere in the house. Not being familiar with the family i just met, I dared not venture into the kitchen to get myself somethng to eat, so all day I just ate easter candy.

i am an equal opportunity bunny-eater; the ears are just as yummy as the feet. the trick is to find a quiet place to eat my bunny without little hands begging for a share. i think children's ears have a special ability to hear wrapper crinkling from a mile away.

I love chocolate from our local candy store, Pease's. I could eat the ears or feet or any other part of the bunny as long as they are chocolate.

What a beautiful design. Thanks for the chance. I don't know that I have a favorite Easter food. Easter isn't really a "food holiday" at our house, but this year my husband asked me to make him a coconut pie.

Erin, Miss Belle is lovely!! And oh so chocolatey -- yummmm!!!! I like chocolate bunny ears, feet, ... anything chocolate! Happy Easter!

Bunny ears are great, but my favorite food for Easter is hot cross buns. I never make them any other time of year so they're a real treat.

Beautiful design, Erin. It looks like a yummy Easter treat - chocolaty on the outside with that mallow goodness on the inside! I eat chocolate but prefer Peeps. I can't believe you found a package of just chocolate bunny ears! Hope you bought several packages.

Bunny ears and muffin tops....equally yummy! I love Miss Belle. It is so Miss Erin :)

of course I love chocolate. But I must confess, I still love peeps the best. I am a traditionalist so I only like the original yellow Peeps the best. And I like for them to get stale and crunchy before eating them. Sigh.

"Miss Belle" is the perfect name! Just give me chocolate in any form...ears, tails, whatever! LOL

Erin, Miss Belle is gorgeous. Easter food mmmm, it's a custom in Holland to eat a lot of eggs during this time, in any form. I used to love chocolate but since it gives me migraine I keep as fas as I can from it. Hig for you from Anita.

Love Miss Belle! And yes, it does remind me of the new Dove with Raspberry -- yummmm!

I am also in love with See's candy! Not only am I fortunate enough to live in the SF bay area where they are made, but also there is a shop in my town - and my husband gets a discount there because he works for the county! They are a generous company who offers discounts to various groups of workers in our area. As are you, for having this giveaway!!

Bunny ears and chocolate covered dried cherries...YUM!!

My favorite Easter candy is Mary Sue chocolate cream eggs. Unfortunately, they are hard to find in this area even at Easter time
(or maybe that's really a good thing for my hips).

Beautiful Miss Belle! I must admit I am not addicted to chocolate bunny ears. My favorite are the ears of Peeps, I've loved them since I was a kid. My sister hated Peepes. Mom would never remember and always put them in her basket, so I always got her's too! Now if they made See's scotchmellow bunny ears I might have to change my favorite.

Of course one starts with the ears and then the head (puts the poor rabbit out of it's misery). I also admit I love the yellow chick Peeps. Have to eat those head first also.
Love the Miss Belle, Erin.

So pretty! Thanks for the giveaway!

Whoops, I forgot to mention my favorite treat! Being a savory gal, I enjoy the ham most of all. Easter's a good excuse as any for HAM!

I love that you found Bunny Ears! That is sooo cool! I, too, love to eat them first of all, then share the rest with whomever wants some. I wish now that they would make them in dark chocolate! That would be my HEAVEN!!! I eat the heads of the PEEPS first, too. What's with us? Are we deranged? No, just hungry. LOL! I guess by now you've guessed that I'm have a sweet tooth and love dark chocolate of ANY shape or kind. I'm going to look for the ears on Bissinger's website and see if they have them in dark. BTW, that quilt, of course (designed and made by you!) is lovely. I like Miss Belle (but then, I like all your quilt designs so far). Thank you! (again!)

My favorite Easter treat are those cute little marshmallow peeps...just love them! Happy Easter.

My favorite Easter food is Reese's peanut Butter eggs- or homemade ones-

I love Cadbury Eggs. I allow myself one, only one every year. Yummm it was good.

Any body part!--as long as it's chocolate, but my all time favorite is Cadbury chocolate eggs. Funny cause I'm allergic to real eggs. Love Miss Belle!

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