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I love chocolate and fruit but not so much together. I'm more a fan of chocolate and nuts -- peanuts, almonds, cashews. Love your quilts. Your applique is always just beaufiful!

I just love chocolate! Prefer it without fresh fruit, but sultanas are very yummy in a chocolate block :-))

Chocolate needs to be chocolate !!!! Not messed up with !!!!!

Seems there's a consensus -- chocolate without fruit, unless it's strawberries. Although I just tried the new dark Dove with raspberry swirl, oh yeah!

No fruit - just give me chocolate (and more chocolate)!

Chocolate with anything is including fruit is my choice.

I like chocolate with my fruit
and like it without fruit to boot,
I'd eat that chocolate in a suit,
or even wear a funny "hoot" (sorry Canada)
I do like chocolate any way
and love to eat it every day.

*Appolgies to Dr. Seuss and Canadians

Depends on my mood. Sometimes I like a little fruit with my dark chocolate and other times I just NEED a big old hunk of chocolate al naturale! Love Miss Sophie!

I like chocolate in every way :-)))
Viele Grüße

You've done it again, great pattern and name! The only time I like fruit with my chocolate is when it's in a Hot Fudge Banana Split. Yummy!

Mostly chocolate alone - why mess with a good thing? But, a chocolate covered strawberry is very nice! Your new pattern is beautiful! Just like all the others!

Love the pattern. Don't like chocolate with my fruit.

I love, Love, LOVE chocolate with fruit. (And I love your new quilt design too ... and not just because of it's name ;-)

I like chocolate with fruit or anyway I can get it!!

Chocolate of any kind but chocolate covered cherries are my favorite!

Without fruit!

Chocolate with anything is always good. :) with fruit its even better.
love the new pattern.

I suppose if I HAD to choose...Like if there was a bowl of a pile of fruit with chocolate and a bowl of chocolate without fruit...I would eat the fruit with chocolate first simply because my momma taught me that fruit is good for you...THEN I would eat chocolate without fruit for dessert to reward my good behavior!

Interesting question, hmmmm... I was going to say without fruit and then thought of how much I love banana splits and strawberry sundaes. Soooo...if ice cream is involved, chocolate with fruit LOL

Nothing is better than chocolate and fruit! except a new granddaughter named Sofia Audrey named after her grandmother how blessed I am.

Since Chocolate is a mood craving food source for me, I'd have to say it depends on my mood! But either way, it's just plain delicious!

Chocolate is good with anything! But it is really good on strawberries.

Interesting that my grandmother's middle was Sophie, also.
Chocolate with ANYTHING is the BEST ! ! !
I AbSOluTEly Love your color preference and admire your talent, and I am not just saying this. I truly do.

I love chocolate with or without fruit! Since you first started showing pictures of Miss Sophie, it has made me think of chocolate and raspberry. Could this be ESP?

Why ruin perfectly good chocolate with something healthy!

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