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speaking of applique..... I am fairly new at applique but I do love appliqued quilts. I was looking at a previous post of yours and love that basket. Can't wait for the tutorial.

Thank you Erin, your advise is always appreciated.
I'm now thinking of doing the same, but with my machine applique borders, I really don't want the stress of cutting them to fit later, I will try and be as gentle as possible when sewing them, its worth a try anyway.
I'm also looking forward to your basket tutorial, I have recently cheated and used a basket print instead, yours looks so much nicer!

Thanks - this makes perfect sense. Yeah Erin!

Good to hear I am not the only one who is a total chicken about squaring up blocks or cutting borders. I even have a hard time cutting borders without applique! I may have to try your idea--it certainly would reduce my stress levels!

I completely agree with your method of appliqueing borders. My last appliqued border quilt, I did the applique before trimming and attaching them to the quilt. Never again!! I managed to cut off the tip of one of my leaves!! The horror and stress is just not worth it!! I've finally come to terms with the accident, preferring to call it a rogue leaf...but it would have been much better to do the applique AFTER I had attached those borders...

Whatever way you choose to do them, they always come out beautiful. I'm going to give your way a shot.

Erin Thank you so much. This is really interesting and helpful! I haven't been able to find much information up till now at all. You are a star. I always follow your advice because it works!

Hi Erin,

Your method makes sense to me. I have been wondering how one would do that lately. :)

Is there going to be more applique on the brown sections? Or are you going to quilt it fancy?

So, Erin, I need some clarification. When you put the pattern on the back of the quilt, do you use a light box for the placement? Inquiring Patti O. needs to know. Patti O

I use white backgrounds a lot and find I can usually line things up without a light box.
Once you have it positioned you do need to pin.

I'm with you on this method

I, also applique with my borders attached to the main body. I find that if my borders are cut with the straight of grain, there is less chance of distortion. Love what you have done!

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