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Lady Marca Thomacedes-Lincoln. What a mouthful! I think you have a created a new game for bridal showers-this has the potential to be hilarious. Not a royal watcher but did manage to get a glimpse of her dress. So elegant compared to the one they had trussed Diana up in. However I do love my Earl Grey-does that count.

I did get to see the royal couple walking back down the aisle this morning and then riding in the carriage to Buckingham Palace. The crowd was huge! I wonder what William and Kate were talking about??

I had no interest in the wedding! I hope to not see anything more than a short news blurb about it. I know, I am such a party pooper!!!

I play a lady from the 1500's to the 1600's at renaissance faires. I am "Lady Ellen" when I am back in that time. I have dined with King Henry, Queen Elizabeth I, and many of their royal relatives! :)

I would still love to win this prize so I don't have to go out and buy it! lol

Thanks Erin!

Lady Veoma Dixie-Tenth. Got up in time to see Kate step out of the car! She's amazing. Poised, elegant, in control.

I watched it was beautiful I am
Lady Winifred Penny -wheatley lol thank you for the chance to win
hugs beth

I also watched the re-runs. Beautiful, she looked like Grace Kelly. My name would be Minnie Charlie-Shields. Not too mad

Lady Denise Lidia Jerry-Romana, very royal name :)
I'm working so I don't seeing the wedding, in any case I prefere read blogs that see wedding on streaming.

Lady Edna Abby-Sunnywood. I'm catching the re-runs!

Just so loved her dress. Yes I did watch and loved it.

Lady Ida Louetta Peanut-Barnett'sCreek - No I slept in and looked at pictures of "The Kiss" on the internet!

I'm a woos for royal weddings, I watched the whole ceremony, got some serious stitching done!! Hugs for you from Lady Mieke Elsa-Kostverloren (quite a mouth full, can you say it without twisting your tongue??).

Lady Marie Theodore Glendale here! What fun!
I got up just in time to see THE KISS! and the 2nd kiss!
So fun!!
Or I could be
Lady Gertrude Theodore Glendale if you prefer! LOL!

Lady Katherine Kitty Arlington here. I'm actually a descendant of Henry II, King of England. No invitation received. Oh well.
I did have to watch. She looked stunning.


beauty sleep is mandatory !
Lady Gladys Delila on the Davon

I'll watch the clips today over and over on all the stations, I'm sure! My guest name is Lady Irene Shadow-Snipatuit. Now that's a mouthful!

I would be Lady Eleanor Chance- Second.
Slept through the wedding. I love sleep and would rather watch the clips today while sewing of course!

grazie per la bellissima tecnica tutorial che ci hai dato!!!
sei fantastica!!!

Did not watch the wedding "live", but tuned in to the news channel just to see the dress. My wedding guest name is Lady Daisy Newton-Corydon. Yikes.

I watched ceremony and post processional - DVR'd it all to watch when I am doing hand applique or binding. I would be Lady Marion Flash-Third. Love, Love, Love your blog!

Ok, wasn't going to get up, but tried to record it. MY DH turned power off at the time it was supposed to start. Now, I am looking for a rebroadcast. And for the cherry on the cake, we were supposed to be in London for a Holiday planned a year ago, but cancelled due to DH job!

This is fun. I haven't watched the wedding YET, but I will later on. My name is Lady Ottelia Pierre-St. Clair. What a mouthful! Very funny.

No way was Lady Lura Snoopy-Blackberry getting up at 4:00 to watch anything on TV after staying up late to watch the NFL draft! I'm sure I can catch it in re-run during any hour of the rest of the week.

We taped it as getting up at 1:00 was just too much! Lady Merry Meiko-Post and hubby were sacked out. But we watched it this morning! Just lovely!

I did not watch the wedding but I saw pictures this morning. Beautiful couple and the bride was radiant. My guest name would be Lady Christina Goober Second Street. Lovely, yes?

I haven't watched the wedding. To late for me to stay up.

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