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Of course I watched it.......I have 3 teenage daughters and we all watched it together......I watched Diana wed when I was 13 and lived in England for 3 years as a child.......totally hooked! My name would be Lady Leona Bosley Glebe Close Haha! Love that! Glebe Close was air force housing in England....Hehehe....Fun fun fun.

I am Lady RaIna Djeki-Breza! I did see the wedding, it was beautiful!

I watched the wedding online, but not at the time it was live. It was a wonderful wedding.

I honestly didn't even know when the wedding was so nope didn't watch it. My name is Lady August Asta-Midvale. How's that for pretention? LOL!!

no vi la boda , no es un tema que me interese, mi nombre seria señora Malvinas Argentinas un beso

This "Lady Martha Czilla-Longwater" did not have time to watch any of it, since she was on an entire day's workshop making a Lone Star quilt.( I have just come home and have taken a quick look on the newssite to see the wonderful dress, but what I have seen of the ceremony, well, they seem a bit too businesslike, not very romantic, maybe I am oldfashioned...and I haven't seen all of it yet..).
I think my Royal Wedding Guest name is not too bad, I'm partly Hungarian ;) . I have read some great names here, like Lady Lura Snoopy-Blackberry, it sounds só "British" ;)
It was fun reading the comments, Erin, great!!
The Netherlands

I haven't watched any of the coverage but do wish the couple a lifetime of happiness.
How does Lady Ruth Sam All Over the US grab you? LOL!

No guest name and just looked at the pictures online. I am starting to learn applique and would love something to help.

My name would be Cornelia Roos Macuti. Haven't seen the walking down the isle. Had the wedding on but then i decided i could still do this and that and .... tadaaaaa i missed the moment!

You are so very generous!!! I did not watch the wedding but will catch plenty of "parts," I'm sure. I did go online to see the DRESS though!! My guest name would be Lady Ray Mr. X-Hopland. Oh my!

This is Lady Cherry Pussy Evelyn at your service, I watched the wedding real time and celebrated my 40th Birthday! I was radiant and so was the bride :)

HAha! No, I did NOT get up, but I did look at photos of her dress this morning - it was just right and very elegant. My royal wedding guest name would be Lady Helen Muffy-Wappapello! Yikes!

I watched the wedding! It was beautiful, but I think perfect stems would make me happier. I would be Lady Edith Buttons-Ardwell. Thank goodness I prefer my real name!

Lady Colenda Mitzi-Monroe was awake at 3 a.m. so she watched. And it was fun.

Lady Lillian Tiger-Park! hahah Of course I watched the wedding--after I got up!

No chance that I was getting up at 2:00 am either! I did check the internet this morning to see The Dress. So lovely - understated and thoroughly elegant. Let's see: Lady Viola Tammy-San Benito. Fun game! Thanks for having the giveaway!

I didn't watch the wedding... I would have had to stay up all night... I did see the dress first thing this morning. My guest name would be: Lady Ella Selena Willow not too bad I don't think... :)

Didn't watch the wedding (on too early), but I did go online first thing this morning and look at some of the photos. Her dress was much nicer than the frou-frou dress Diana wore, and what a handsome couple they are!

My guest name would be Lady Beatrice Dirk-Ave 340.

I did get up for the live airing of the wedding, and as soon as the kiss was over I went back to bed. It was lovely and all those hats. Amazing!!!

I'm watching the Royal Wedding via Tivo. The live broadcast was too early for my blood. My guest name for the festivities is Lady Rose Jaymes-Pines

I did not watch the royal wedding. All I wanted to see was the beautiful dress. Pretty ladies marrying not so attractive men for status isn't much of a special event these days. Happens everyday in Hollywood I suspect. I do wish them happiness but I've never quite understood the fascination with a pretty useless royal family.

I didn't watch the wedding, and probably won't. Although I did notice that Kate's wedding dress is almost exactly like my wedding dress of 13 years ago! How cool is that :)

My name would be Lady Fern Charlie-Lafayette. Odd.

I did not watch the wedding. Not interested in it at all!

I'd be Lady Lillian Maxwell Essex. Sounds right proper, no? :) I did see the wedding. My daughter got up at 4 to watch all the pre-wedding shows. My alarm was set for 7...well after. Sadly, our puppy started whining at 5:30am, I got up at 6 to take her out and Kate was just walking down the aisle. I watched the wedding, went back to bed for a bit, then was having a cup of tea when they had their first kiss. And second! It was beautiful and she looked so elegant!

I din't sty up but watched todah so beautiful. Lady Jane Goldie Oakdale Rd

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